Which version of Cubase is the most stable for MAC

Which version of Cubase is the most stable in your experience?

I just upgraded to 8.0.20 running under OS X 10.10.3 and had experienced lots of random crashes during my session.

I wish to roll back to pervious version of Cubase and all I’m asking for is to let me finish my composition without any crashes.

One of my most important hard drives died (the hard drive which I backup all my DAW installation files), my colleague has the installation from Cubase 7.5 to the latest version, I’m now deciding which version to re-install.

My system is nMP Quad with 32GB of RAM, everything is on SSD via thunderbolt 2, RME Babyface as interface.

same here. 8.0.20 is unstable and getting frequent crashes on my Mac yosemite system. i think 8.0.10 was the most stable on my mac.

think maybe its the yosemite … lots of peeps having probs with it .
however try to clean install on a fresh system … maybe there could be a few glitches left over from the last install-
i am pretty certain that the crew at steinberg have and are using the yosemite for current testing and products …
good luck anyway

Yes me to, Im on Yosemite , lots of Crashes I went back to 8.0.5. I installed Cubase (everything )
on Maverick then upgrade to Yosemite, very curious if things didn’t go right in the upgrade
maybe better to instal after Yosemite, but thats going to take a few days, Wow I just want to make music

Can’t really do any fresh install of everything at the moment, I guess I’ll make a cup of coffee while restarting the session from random crashes.