Which version of HALLion ?

I am installing CP 10.5 on a brand new mac - and in order to download correctly, I now see versions up to 6 for HALlion - if I remember correctly I had version 3.

If I’m going to work on Catalina (macOS 10.15.3), which version doI need to install and am I entitled to use it if newer or I’ll get the surprise of a ‘‘free for 30 days’’ ? …

Also - if I installed FULL install of 10.5, is HALlion simply included in those 21 GB ??..


HALion Sonic SE is the version included with Cubase and the latest version is 3.3.1.

The full list of latest versions

HALion 6.3.1
HALion Sonic 3.3.1
HALion Sonic SE 3.3.1 (included with all versions of Cubase)

The included patches does vary between the various editions of Cubase though. You can check it out here under Virtual Instruments

OK, that was weird timing: within a few hours of posting that they updated HALion for the first time in a while. The versions are 6.4.0 for HALion and 3.4.0 for the two Sonic versions. You can download from the Download Assistant.