Which version of Kontakt?

I’ve inherited some 32 bit instruments that work in Kontakt player, but I’m running Cubase 12. I know that I’m going to have to try Jbridge to get 32 bit VSTs to work, so which version of Kontakt player should I download, the 64 bit or 32 bit?

Or is it not possible?

Thanks in advance for answers!

Modern versions of Kontakt are 64-bit, and 64-bit is what works in Cubase 12 (with no need for jBridge). I’d think you should be able to load your older Kontakt libraries in modern Kontakt 6 Player – I know I have.

Note, though, that some Kontakt libraries require the full version of Kontakt instead of just the Player. But, if you have older instruments that were working with the Player, then I’d think they should also work with modern Kontakt Player.

Great. I hope so! Thanks for your feedback mate!

The people on the Kontakt forum are also quite helpful.

AFAIK the libraries are neither 32bit or 64bit only, but files which are compatible with all Kontakt VST versions (please correct me if I am wrong).

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Hi guys.
Thanks for all of the feedback.
My libraries are now installed and working! Yippee!

My non Kontakt library which is Synthogy Ivory isn’t loading though. Synthogy helpfully told me that I could buy a new version. Genius guys, who’d have thought of that?
I might try Jbridge for that unless someone can suggest anything else I should try first(?)

Again thanks a load for all suggestions.

as @Tj99 said, kontakt libraries do not come in 32-bit/64-bit flavors. Every kontakt instrument works in either 32-bit or 64-bit flavor of the kontakt version it was designed for, and I believe that the most recent version of Kontakt runs instruments designed for all prior versions as well (backward compatibility).
The only times you need to worry about which Kontakt version/edition to install are:

  • If you have a Kontakt instrument that isn’t Player-licensed, requiring the full version of Kontat instead of the Player
  • If you have old projects that used an earlier version of Kontakt
  • (I don’t remember if plugin bitness matters when loading old DAW projects. For example, if you had a project that was produced on a 32-bit install of an old Cubase version, with all 32-bit plugins, and then you later try to open the project on a 64-bit version of Cubase with 64-bit versions of all the same plugins installed, I don’t know what would happen.)
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Even then this should not be a problem, as long as the name is the same, I guess! Kontakt vst3 automatically replaced Kontakt VST2 on my PC, and I did not have to do anything (they were both 64bit though) :slight_smile:


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