Which version of Sounds am I running?

I have just run the Steinberg Download Assistant to check on updates and I am afraid I don’t know how to tell which Sounds version I am running. Where canI find this piece of information? Is that the same as the Dorico AudioEngine?
My installation dates back to December 2020.
Thank you.

The sounds did not change for a long time. You have the latest ones.

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Thank you, I forgot to specify that in the Steinberg Download Assistant I read:
Dorico Pro 3.5.10 Sounds Installer” and I cannot understand if it is something I need to update or not.

Actually you are right. Since we don’t have an explicit version number for the sounds, it’s hard to tell.
But the sounds really hardly do get an update. I think we only once had an update for the addition of some choir sounds. But if you just installed everything in December, you sure have all the latest sounds already.

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