Which version of win7 do I need to get?

I currently run XP. Also do I need to uninstall cubase and all my plugins then reinstall? Is there a link somewhere to walk me through this nightmare? Also, I never put my DAW online. So I need to do everything with an external hard drive. Thanks in advance! :unamused:

I would always suggest to start afresh with a new operating system, which does unfortunately mean reinstalling everything. But it means you do not have any legacy issues and do not carry the clutter of the old OS forward with you. Windows 7 is excellent but if you are thinking of upgrading and going through all the hours of work reinstalling apps etc. it may be better to go directly to Windows 8 now and save you the trouble of switching for another 3 or 4 years

Thanks but Iā€™m going to go with 7 for now. But, do I need windows 7 pro or will home premium be okay?

There is a 16GB RAM limit on Home Premium. Just something you may or may not need to consider.

Definitely do a clean installation. Taking the time to gather all your drivers, software updates, etc. on a USB flash drive or external hard drive makes a fresh install much easier, too.

Thank you!

Now can someone tell me if I need to purchase the Win7 Professional Upgrade for $199.00 or if I have to have the Win7 Professional Full Version for $299.00ā€¦??? Sure is a lot of money!