Which Wave plug-ins are must-buy!

Which of them don’t have equivalent in Cubase?

  • Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain
  • CLA-76 Compressor / Limiter
  • Renaissance Vox
  • L2 Ultramaximizer
  • CLA-2A Compressor / Limiter
  • doubler
  • SSL G Master Buss Compressor
  • Vocal Rider
  • S1 Stereo Imager
  • I only use stock plugins

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I was wondering which of the following plug-ins are must-buy as Cubase 10.5 users? If there is another plugin in wave family, please let me know!

Which of them don’t have equivalent in Cubase?

Thanks so much.

I’ am not very familiar with WAVE plug ins, so it would be hard for me to compare anything, but I have to say one thing…
I’m with Cubase since version 8.0 and so far, I haven’t found anything I couldn’t do with just Cubase’ stock plug ins. I would say none of the above plug ins are “must have”.
I would rather go towards 3rd party instruments and samples (VST’s) as the stock VST’s and samples are lacking. They are a bit too “electronic” for my taste.
If you are more rock/metal or classical oriented then stock Cubase VST’s are a “no go”.




Vocal Rider will save you tons of time and trouble!


It’s not a must have but it doesn’t have an equivalent in Cubase and it CAN save you loads of time.

I use all the compressors and the doubler you mentioned above on all my projects, but probably only because I got used to it. I guess I could achieve everything with the stock plugins, but just wondering how I would replace doubler. I like doubler on single drum sounds with the modulations a lot.

This is what I have been doing. But not sure, it produces the same result. But certainly more flexible. You can have 5 copies and pan differently!

Isn’t the just doing clip gain of vocal tracks? There is a key command to do this pretty fast and accurately. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I suggest it completely depends on you sonic goals, genre, experience, and basic objectives such as if you are a hobbyist or paid and under deadlines.

Also, keep in mind even if a Waves compressor nulled with a Cubase compressor, one tool might be more comfortable to the user or even more flexable than the other… even if the results null.

So from my perspective there is no way to suggest what is a “must buy.”

But I totally agree with you.
Unfortuantely, I could not put those as options in the poll!

Maybe I should have narrowed down the plugins two 6 and added

  • genre,
  • hobbyist
  • paid
  • under dealines
    But this still doesn’t give me who choose which!

Personally, As Rudal said I am more into “pop/rock or classical oriented” and I do compose for pay. I editted my OP.

It’s a bit more involved than that. Essentially it’s like using volume fader automation instead of a compressor. Vocal Rider just makes it automatic within set parameters. As an added bonus it writes an automation track for you so you can tweak it even further.

+1, only Vocal Rider, but even then only if you know you’re going to use it and it’s at the discounted price.
So, to answer your question, none of them are “must haves”.

Waves RDeesser

Try and avoid Waves Update Plan at all costs. Buy in sale! not really, unless you don’t mind buying it again in the next sale, WUP costs are often more. They do have top notch customer service but… you’ll never need it, everything works. They only time I ever needed it was to get the not in WUP plugins reinstalled. It’s very unclear how to do this, even though it can be done. Selling a licence you no longer need isn’t going to happen (say you now have it in a bundle), you have to update it into WUP to sell it (which why would you do, you don’t need it) and you have to pay a % fee of the actual “real” price, that nobody ever pays, which usually ends up higher than the “limited time sale” price.

I wish they offered a trade in sort of deal. Trading in a bundle you no longer need to bring individual plugs back into WUP would be nice. I know a few producers now who no longer like having huge VST collections installed and strip it back to min.

Then, out of your list of choices, I would say Vocal Rider & Bass Rider. For myself it gets me 75% there on vocals/bass, however I still often make adjustments after.

I dont have Renaissance nor the CLA’s. I pick MV2 and Scheps Omni Channel.

MV2 hands down.
Possibly Vocal Rider as well.