which win7 for c6 - 32bit or 64bit?

Since I will have to nuke my stable XP setup for C6… :frowning: . What is officially recommended win7 version for C6? 32bit or 64bit?

Definitely Windows 7 x64, and you can install either version of Cubase. If I were you I’d just try it on your existing XP. Windows 7 is recommended, and is the only platform officially supported, but many people run Cubase 5 quite happily on XP and Cubase 6 won’t be any different.

If you do decide to go Windows 7 x64, it is fast and stable and in my experience never crashes. I’ve got Cubase 5 32-bit and Cubase 5 64-bit both installed and both run perfectly.

The most important single thing to make sure of is that you have 64-bit drivers for every device, and not just music-related ones.

This is a BIG step, a bit much. I hope it will work fine on XP. Let me wait and see how it works for others. :confused:
I really like the features of c6, I’d upgrade immediately… BUT, considering need to change OS and hardware… thats not so inviting anymore. There is no driver support for my cards (emu, rme), too old, discontinued :unamused: . But working perfectly, sure. So to upgrade to c6 I’m required to trash my entire perfectly working daw, which is a bit much. Quite likely I will rather stay with C5. Lets see…

Well, apart from possibly needing new hardware, you shouldn’t be too apprehensive about moving from XP to Win7. It really is an improvement in functionality and stability.

Definitely go for Win7 64 bit. I think when you buy Win7 is comes with installation discs for both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Mine did, but I got it directly from Microsoft through a Microsoft retail associates offer and not in the box off the shelf.

I updated to W7. i7cpu 64bit running Cubase Studio 4 and it keeps crashing using 3rd party plugins. After much head banging I decided to upgrade to Cubase 6, fantastic, runs beautifly but it still keeps crashing using 3rd party plugins which have all the latest 64 bit drivers. Plugin list in order of instability are: dimension pro. rapture. trilion. ivory piano. I get “A serious error has occured contact steinberg” message after recording a maximum of 3 tracks of a small loop. I had hyperthreading disabled as instructed by steinberg. This was done by a PC shop. I would like to check this if someone can tell me exactly what to look for as there was an element of doubt as to the wording in the bios. So maybe it was not disabled after all. Please help. Thanks.