While engraving a complex contemporary music score, some suggestions

Some suggestions arose, when engraving a complex piece for a solo instrument that I decide to write with Dorico, taking into account the already known limitations because of its youth.

The results are really good. Quite complicated to share something for copyright reasons, but I have some hope!

Here some suggestions, hoping to not replicate topics clearly known:

  1. The placement of the articulations for grace notes is fixed so it can’t be inverted. Quite strange not having the related property (placement) as for the normal notes :confused:
  2. the zero ‘dal niente’ symbol is really small. It should great to have a property to change its size.
  3. superscript/subscript and other text option for tempo/dynamic text (e.g. the text Mouvt - last ‘t’ superscript – used by Debussy is impossible to realize).
  4. Background color for dynamics and, in general, for all the categories where text is involved.
  5. possibility to tie a normal note to a grace note
  6. A property to manage the collision avoidance for text items

Thanks for taking them into consideration.