While the frustration may be understandable-

the lack of support and faith in Dorico by some, to me isnt.

Dorico is brand new… some things of course wont work, as expected.

Dorico is brand new…I feel that to expect the first version of this completely new program (which is roughly only 4 years old, and just released) to have “a comparable feature set” to either Sib (first released in April 1993, so is 23 yrs old) or Fin (released 1988, which is 28 yrs old) old is really not very realistic.

Or fair.

(and in fact development of Sibelius was started in 1986, so its actually 30 yrs old. It was released in 1993)

I stand by Daniel and team–and ask others to do the same. They have been COMPLETELY honest and above board about everything and are always right there listening to users input, and working with us.

And by all means bring up all issues here-- and as Daniel and team work with us, its only right we work with them, constructively, as we’ll ALL benefit as Dorico fulfills its complete promise and potential.

Dorico has my full support, and I hope yours also. Eventually, (and thats IMHO a very SHORT eventually ),it will surpass its promise of being “the gold standard in scoring software”…and yeah even go PLATINUM…:slight_smile:

Lets all work together to take it there :smiley:

Thanks Bob