WHITE background color in score editor, page mode: How?

Hi folks,

how do I set a pure, WHITE background color in the score editor in Cubase (page mode) for editing?

When I set the background to “None”, the background is a medium grey, giving bad contrast and is hard on the eye. The “whitest” color I seem to get is from “Jeans fabric” setting, but that is still not white and has the fabric noise in the background.

I looked in preferences all over to set the background color of the score editor to pure white, but did not find it. Does anyone know how to make the background purely white? Should be a no-brainer, but I just don’t seem to find it :confused:


In c9, it’s: File > Preferences > appearance > colors > editors > editor work area color. (uncheck “use project colors”) When you click on the sample square, it gives a color editor. You may want to change the cycle color as well.

The OP is asking about the Score Editor.

The choices that are there is all there is, I’m afraid.