White chord symbols

a newbie question:
When I make chord symbols, they are white by default in Write mode and Engrave mode.
They are white in project default chord symbols appearances window, too.
However, in Print mode, they are black.
How can I fix it?

That’s a new one on me :slight_smile:

Does this occur in all projects, or just in one? Can you attach a project in which chord symbols appear white?

If you print the file “in color” do the white notes still print black? People who change the color of notes frequently find that printing in monochrome prints white (hidden) items in black like regular black notes.

If this happens with you, it may mean the chord symbol font/paragraph style has been set to white somewhere along the line.

It’s not possible to set the chord symbols font styles to be a different colour, so while it’s possible to override individual chord symbols’ colour, it’s not possible to do this in a way that would affect newly-created chord symbols (unless I’m very much mistaken).

Hi Daniel and Derrek,

Thanks for your replies :blush:

This issue happens with all projects I make with Dorico Those projects looks the same when I open them with Dorico The projects I make with Dorico 3.5 doesn’t have this issue.
All the chord symbols are printed in black.

I attach a project file. Strangely, only small accidental and fraction line are visible in black.
White Chord Symbols.dorico (555.5 KB)

My Font Styles setting for Chord Symbols Font was

Font family: Source Sans Pro
Parent: Frame Filters (what’s that…? :shushing_face:)

After I changed the “Parent” to Default Music Text Font, the symbols have turned to black. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ha, that certainly explains the issue! The “Frame Filters” font style (which is used to draw the text in the buttons in the top left corner of frames in Engrave mode) is indeed white, and because the “Chord Symbols Text” font style doesn’t have an overridden colour, it simply ends up inheriting the white colour from its parent. Well done for figuring it out :slight_smile:

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