White Data in Key Editor after Voicing?

I duped a MIDI part and applied the Voicings option from the Chord Track section of the Inspector. A few of the resulting “notes” are white. Figured it meant Muted, but they won’t unmute. Any data written in those sections is white, also. Any ideas what’s up? TIA.

Here’s a screenshot to illustrate.

Check to see if they are outside the bounds of the part. (activate “Show Part Borders”)

See screen shot?

Hm. That’s not white, that’s gray. :confused: In your screen shot you didn’t include the vertical piano or status bar or any other cue to help figure out what’s going on.

What is Event Colors set to?

Everything’s set to default. Only thing I can see is that those notes match the original part, but I don’t see anywhere to change a setting to alloiw them.

In earlier versions of Cubase I noticed that sometimes I saw a velocity bar in the key editor while I could hear a note, but could not not see it in the key editor. When I went to the score editor I did see the note and I could fix my problem there. So maybe for your issue the sollution also might be trying a different editor like the score editor or maybe even better the list editor where you can see more data than just the notes.