White list !

White list number for NotePerformer ?

Is this possible ?



No. NP is exclusively for S…

But chances are very high that NP will also become available for Dorico in the future. Daniel is already in contact with Arne Wallander…

Yes, I believe so too, Ulf, but for us who expected that a composer-friendly notation/performance software system should have materialized 15 years ago (given the collective level of ingenious coders around the globe) the term «future» is a very elusive and unreliable entity… :slight_smile:

I deliberately used this vague term. Taking into account that we here depend on a third party, we have to be very careful and not promising what we can’t keep.

Oh, I wasn’t referring to promises, merely to the future in general! :slight_smile:

I emailed Arne at NotePerformer a few months ago asking if he was going to make a version for D. He said D. wasn’t developed enough yet for him to do it. I know Daniel mentioned he wants to make D. work with NP so my guess is that this will happen sometime in the next year or so. But that’s just a guess.