White noise and disk cache maxing out

Having a really bad time with Cubase 7.5 at the moment. Check it out

Cubase 7.5 white noise and disk cache maxing out:

No idea why this has suddenly started happening. I’ve nuked my Cubase preferences, run a registry cleaner, de-fragged, changed ASIO buffer sizes, changed soundards, followed the DAW set up as recommended by Steinberg.

As a new user this is really putting me off Cubase. :cry:

Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. :confused:

Hi smapmal,

Operation Manual page 24 - 25:

“The disk indicator shows the hard disk transfer load.
The overload indicator to the right of the disk indicator lights up, if the hard disk does not supply data fast enough.”

Are you using an external HD? Or a second partition of your Main HD? Try saving your audio files in a different drive and see if that helps.


Hi Luis,

thanks - it is an internal hard drive (Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm) so should be plenty. it was weird as sometimes I could get this behaviour from projects with only one audio track.

Over the weekend I decided to completely rebuild the PC from scratch (going back to Windows 7). I’ve also inspected the hard drives to ensure they are not faulty and are properly connected. My theory is this is some sort of Windows 8 bug I’ve stumbled across - either that or a hardware issue which the system diagnostics have not picked up yet.

If I get another occurrence I’ll post back.

kind regards

This happened to me once, i changed my hard drive to an ssd and it helped the problem. Sometimes your hard drive will wear and it will start to do this.

It was plain sailing for months without any major issues and then it suddenly started happenign out the blue - I presumed it was related to 7.5 - now I’m not so sure.

same problem here with windows 8.1

wanted to use the seagate barracuda as second harddrive for my cubase projects but i’m getting heavy disk overload and white noise… also the media bay can’t playback my samples from this drive

when i put the projects on my system drive (ssd) its running smoothly

exacly the same pb, but i’v it on a barracuda hd!!!