White Noise At Inputs / Outputs

hey everyone,

i have a situation: after upgrading to the latest apple software, my cubase no longer functions THROUGH my interface (alesis multimix8fx usb). on the transport panel you can see the high level white noise signal at the inputs. sometimes it’s also visible on the outputs. the funny thing is, this occurs ONLY where there is audio present in the project. if there is a blank space there, this sound doesn’t happen. so i cannot record at all using the interface. also if i export, all that is present is just white noise, not music.

another weird thing is, other softwares function just fine through the interface (garage band, netflix, itunes, etc.) it s only cubase that is not functioning. this is what i don’t understand. however, cubase functions just fine through the imac speakers.

if anyone has had this problem and resolved it, please help me out.

thanks a lot everyone.

DJ Action

I just updated latest apple software and have this problem,
Did you fix yours?

Hello DJAction,

Can you provide what version of Cubase LE you are running i.e. LE6 or LE7?

Please be advised that currently Yosemite is not officially supported for Steinberg software.

However if you’ve purchased a new Apple that came with OSX 10.10 are already updated to it, please read the following knowledge base article to find the current workaround to install and use your Steinberg software.

*Please be advised, your software was not supported on OSX 10.9 it will not be supported or updated for Yosemite.

Compatibility with OSX 10.9 Mavericks