White noise when starting Dorico 2.1 Elements with headset output

I have Win 10 with latest updates, with an on-board sound card.
I have speakers and a USB headphones. My primary output in Windows is set to the headphones.

When starting Dorico I hear white noise, even in the Hub window.
When changing the audio device to the speakers instead of the headphones, the noise stops and playback works normally.

I want to use the headphones though, what should I do?

Uh, never heard about something like that before.

Where do you change from speaker to headset? Not in Dorico but Window’s audio settings, right?

Which driver is chosen if you go to Edit > Device Setup, the Generic Low Latency Driver?
In that dialog window is also a button called Device Control Panel. Click on that and a new little window opens. Please take a screenshot of that one and post here.

This happened with all the drivers listed, and yes, I did change to headphones from inside Dorico.

After disabling audio input the problem went away.

I wish Dorico supported WASAPI, would make things simpler.

FWIW, this happened to me once. I don’t know why, but I was using Dorico at the time. I just rebooted and that resolved it for the time being anyway.

Ulf, I’m sure you don’t hear about a lot of problems because there are so many of them. In my case, I have resorted to just turning off my speakers unless I really need to listen back to what I am doing. Then, and only then do I subject myself to the endless set of audio engine problems that still exist. I also stopped reporting these things because it’s tiring and I wouldn’t get anything done otherwise. I assume your beta test team is reporting this stuff. That’s where it belongs.

dbudde, you know that Dorico doesn’t play nicely with Mojave, right? And that for now Mojave is officially unsupported…

yes. And I have another machine that is still on High Sierra.

Sorry, I don’t understand that logic: I don’t hear about problems because there are so many of them…

There were many problems in the beginning, yes, but they are getting fewer and fewer. And if you believe it or not, in our beta forum many issue are discussed, but hardly any audio/playback related issues. Even though I’m regularly visiting the beta forum, I have hardly anything to say there anymore.

And you know, I’m jumping onto every thread here in the user forum if it is about audio problems.