white noise

i got a massive problem every time i open cubase now the sound card do white noise
it work good with i tunes
is white noise i don’t know where is coming from i don’t if is cubase studio 5
i don’t know
i use xenyx 1204 cubase studio 5 and i mac all regular user
not too much money for buying new upgrades

Is it actual noise, or is it crackling?
Sounds like you have the wrong driver selected for your soundcard and you are getting ASIO spikes. Does the ASIO meter peak?

yes is just that ! what happen noise with the wave sound in it
what i can do to fix it
oh thank so much

i have the codec no drivers need it i thought

i use mac behringer xenyx 1204 usb and cubase studio 5
was working well i don’t

yes the asio peak and sound card meter peak as well

Did you install Mavericks then this could be the issue:


upgrade them thanks lots

Try increasing the buffer size in your control panel until you no longer get asio spikes.
Are you sure you are using the Behringer Xenyx ASIO driver in Cubase? You can change it in Device setup/VST sound system, just like the buffer size.

I will do the upgrade u same me to this link
u think cubase artists 7 have the codec problem or not

dude thanks next month i will buy it
i can’t live without making music for a long time

i will try the buffer thing
but i don’t really want too cos it damage other program in the iMac
like maverick bad troubleshot and cubase studio 5 gave me problems from the start

what i facing now is the old work have to bring it to the new cubase artist when i live everything in wave and parts
midi drum i never bounce tracks i just compose and done i only bounce the master is lots work to do so

with all the missing plugins is going to be a nightmare
have any ideas
thanks lots

sorry u send me to a link that was clear enough for me

I got a problem with steinberg store don’t let me buy from my country USA Pierto Rico
can some one help