White noise

I have a situation: after upgrading to the latest apple software, my cubase no longer functions THROUGH my interface,
M audio M Track, I just get white noise. the interface is fine on other audio programs its just cubase,
Anyone help me out here or had this problem.

Hello Bogeye,

Be advised, OSX 10.10 is currently not officially supported. Can you tell me first what build of Cubase LE you are currently running? You can find this information when you open Cubase go to Cubase LE>About Cubase LE. The build version will appear in the information screens bottom left corner.

Hi joel…

Yeah I found out it wasn’t supported after i had updated:-(…
it’s, cubase LE AI Elements 7 version 7.0.4 build 2182 (32bit).

Hello Bogeye,

First make sure to update to be most recent version of Cubase LE or AI which is 7.0.7

If you have LE: http://support.steinberg.de/downloads_software/Cubase_LE_AI_Elements_7/7.0.7/Mac/Cubase_LE_AI_Elements_7.0.7_Update_mac.dmg

If you have AI: http://support.steinberg.de/downloads_software/Cubase_LE_AI_Elements_7/7.0.7/Mac/Cubase_LE_AI_Elements_7.0.7_Update_mac.dmg

If you are unsure which license you have, open up your eLicense Control Center and check which license is activated under your eLicenser. Please note: LE comes with 3rd party hardware, while AI comes with Steinberg and Yamaha hardware.

It is possible to install the current versions of our software on OSX 10.10 using the “Steinberg Application Installer Tool”. However, we have received scattered reports of issues related to Apple’s new operating system. This information is currently being evaluated through our quality assurance team.

Since you have already updated, feel free to try using the “Steinberg Application Installer Tool” if your issue persists.


The update says ,You need at least Mac OS X 10.6.0 to install this software? says the wrong Mac version?
and won’t work from that message.
SO I don’t know…
I think Im just going to try and get the Mac downgraded back to OS X Mavericks , it worked fine with that.

Hello Bogeye,

Yes, the Steinberg Application Installer Tool is only temporary workaround, that has worked for some but not others. However for full support currently we recommend using OSX 10.9 until the fully supported updates for Yosemite are released.

Hi Joel.

I have been told the problem is my M Audio audio interface, and is not supported by Cubase since the Yosemite update.
It worked fine in Cubase before the update

Hello Bogeye,

Cubase supports all dedicated CoreAudio drivers, however when you update to the latest Apple operating system before checking if your hardware and software are supported on it, there can sometimes be a waiting period for the developers to release the new driver. I know our developers are working on that, so I would contact M-Audio regarding if they are releasing a supported driver for Yosemite.

The M audio interface works fine with Garageband but still have the issue in Cubase.

I have the exact same problem but with an Alesis i02 Express instead. The interface is fine if I’m listening to music on iTunes or using garageband but in cubase Its just white noise and the signal input just stays stuck clipping. Did you manage to figure it or does yours work now?

I got rid of the yosimite update I have the old operating system back on my iMac,
Everything is working fine now, cubase and the M audio interface.