White notation?

Is this possible in Dorico?


I also wonder if it is possible to make grace notes of this kind – quaver with white notehead.


You’d need to define a Notehead Set that uses the half note notehead for durations shorter or equal to a half note/minim, then switch (existing notes) to that Notehead set via the Edit or contextual menu. The same will work fine for grace notes.

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Ah, of course, Custom Notehead set.
Thank you!

While I’m thinking about it: note that by default Dorico uses the “Larger” Notehead Set rather than the “Default” Notehead Set, so if you haven’t changed this yourself (in Engraving Options) you’ll want to base your custom Notehead Set on the “Larger” Notehead Set, or your white noteheads will be smaller than your other noteheads.

Yes, Larger it is! I will have a look in the manual, but I guess what I will do is to select “Larger Noteheads” and then “New from selection”, right?

Yes, that should work. What I do know is that Notehead Sets “based on” work like other things that are “based on”, meaning that if you alter some setting in the duplicate you may find that that same alteration is applied to the original. I can’t remember whether this affects the duration settings for individual noteheads.

Anyway, try creating a new Notehead set that’s based on Larger Noteheads, then remove the default quarter notehead (the remove button is about halfway down the dialog on the left hand side, under the row of noteheads). Then select the white minim Notehead and set the value for length/duration/whatever it is so that it is used for minims and durations shorter than minims.

Hopefully that gets you all the way without cobbling up your normal Notehead set. If not, say so and I’ll take a look when I’m back at a desk.

The way I found was to edit a set that I would not use anyway, so whenever I need a quaver grace note with minim notehead, I can now right click it and select “Large Circled Noteheads”.

No need to duplicate a set. To create the Couperin example above, maybe duplicating and editing is better.

Thanks for your assistance!

It might interest you to know that, certainly for the stock notehead sets, you can now assign keyboard shortcuts directly from Preferences > Key Commands. These should work even if you’ve customised the notehead sets, I believe.

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I think you guys just broke my brain. I was counting it out fairly well (“sight singing”) in my mind until measure 5.