White text on dark background - hard to read! Please invert colours. See picture

I’m okay with the new colours on channel strip and in project window, but textual/dialog boxes and preset lists and such PLEASE Invert the colours.

Does Steinberg not realize that most peoples OS windows (explorer/finder) are white background, black text? So when you’re in Cubase and it opens a Windows Explorer Window you going between Cubase white text dark windows, to Windows black text white background windows…



Thank you.

I started the request post for changing high contrast GUI elements in C 10. But it did’t caught up.

Besides the use of white fonts, the accent color for tracks and tools is white as well. It’s hard on eye. There was a post in a general branch of C 10 forum about it.

So we are not the only users who find it problematic

Thank you

this is way way way way better

Here is a new hi-res comparison with some bright distracting objects also in view.

make sure to zoom in %100 on pictures and open separately and compare

+1 for a user adjustable color option.

Please do not just invert the colors though as some may like it the way it is. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses: