WhiteList removed my additions

After updating to the latest version, my whitelist changed, removing everything I added.

This is an unfortunate side effect of the upgrade process (one I forgot about when I upgraded!) After you re-do or restore your custom whitelist from backup, keep a copy of it in a separate folder so that you can avoid the issue next time around. We’ll all just need to deal with this until Dorico includes a front-end method of adding VST2 instruments.

Funny thing is that when I went to the whitelist to re-enter the information, it doesn’t show in Dorico anymore.

I added the Aria player

I have updated twice, and both times the Aria player remained on my list. In addition a number of other synths associated with my Sonar installation were added automatically–no fiddling with my whitelist was required. So perhaps there is a setting I set earlier that will search for VSTs automatically.

Whatever is happening, I’m glad.

I now see the Aria player VST Multi but not the Aria player VST.