Whitelisting deleted Kontakt

I just followed the tutorial to whitelist VST2 and now Kontakt does not show up. I tried restoring the files the tutorial was saying to delete AND deleting the vst2whitelist plain text file and no luck.
I get this on where kontakt used to be on my templates
!! Kontakt !!

You most likely deleted or did not specify the search path to Kontakt. Add the path to the Kontakt.dll to the list of VST2 search paths, then restart Dorico and see how it goes.
If still no luck, do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and attach the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

In addition to Ulf’s advice, if you are using Dorico 3 or Dorico 3.5 then you won’t need to whitelist Kontakt, as it is already on the internal list. So if Kontakt isn’t appearing, the first thing to check is the search path. If you running Dorico 3.5 then make sure you have the latest 3.5.12 update, as that fixes a problem where Kontakt can sometimes be blocked.

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