Who are the olde members in older Cubase forums you miss ?


everything’s said in the subject…do you ever think what they are doing, how are they, are they still involved in music making ?

My list is short…the majority of the people I have been foruming with are still here…but I do miss the occasional song updates from:

kev (dark Irish)
and of course Tammo.

I hope you’re doing well now. Tammo included - where ever you are.

What about you ?

New poll for the new brave year…what is the best song EVER published in ANY Cubase forums ? Have your say. My favourite ? Difficult one…must think…will be one of the epics from CK or Tones from years ago or maybe something our Norwegian friend did with featurning Londoner vocalist…gotta think !

Meanwhile…post yer picks !

Happy, happy New Year to all Cubasers.


Hi Braunie,

I know you asked who are the ‘olde members’ in the ‘older’ forums you miss, but I havent been a CB/forum member for that long, however, Dylan is one I miss in here that still hasnt been able to make it over to the new forum, I know he’s trying and I hope he doesnt become an olde member missed! :slight_smile:

Regards songs published in the Cubase forum, again, can’t go back too far, but my favourites so far have to be…

Jet’s - Drowning not waving
Lenny’s - Bread and Roses


HNY to you too
All the best

br0d and Kevin.

+1 for Dylan and BrOd.

And Tank !!!
And Hippo !!!
And Bas !!


Hmmm… Fast’n’Loose and Pearldivers…quality stuff, like both !

U know Lenny used to be a Bass player :wink:

Like 'em like said :slight_smile:



And Hippo and Bas

And Tammo and Mike E — RIP both of You :frowning: :frowning:

and also Capt Todd who also passed a few month ago after a long fight ---- RIP :frowning: :frowning:

I have seen Hippo with some posts since the new forum…

ahhh that’s good news :slight_smile:

I miss Wolf… he didn’t post much at the old forum though, the last few years…

He also wrote one of my favourite Cubase forum songs, a short instrumental piece called ‘Arabesque’.
A beautiful piece of music, with wonderful sounds and very tasteful orchestrating.

More of that please, Wolf! :smiley:

AZLBRAX :smiling_imp:

Now ya talkin’ :slight_smile:


bit of an old thread.

I hope he’s still OK, he’ll be about 65 by now. :slight_smile:

Tammo, Kevin, Hippo, Bas and I guess Phil and Jeff since they don’t post here anymore!

Phil is trying to get in.

I’m newer than most of you guys, but in my experience I would say

and Blue on Blue

Some of the best I’ve heard has come from them as well as Jet and Lenny.
It’s nit picking though as I find almost everyone here to be extremely talented and helpful. There are exceptions, though. :unamused:

So is Jeff, I believe - but until then, I miss them here. :slight_smile:

Agreed! I miss Wolf. He was a real gentleman and a helluva musician/composer who made himself available for collabs.
I’m still blown away by his vocal on Jane & I.

IIRC he was having problems with his hands and it hurt him to play?

Wim, do you have a copy of Arabesque you could send me - or perhaps a link?

I hope Dylan winds up here. He’s a valuable and active contributor to song posting/ critiquing.

Unless I’m mistaken, Blue on Blue is here as ‘BlueBob’.


I miss them all, but especially JC (Suntower), Bob Melanson, John Kennedy, Peter Yttegren (Nerg), ck, Tammo, MrGroove, number6 and many more. There are names I can’t remember now but would come back to me if I thought about for awhile.

Then, there a few gems who came and went that I don’t miss at all.

Regarding Favorite song (I like that better than “best”) there have been so many, but the two that stand out are:

“Lorraine” by Peter Yttegren


Any song that Mobius puts up (Haitian Skies; Guiding Star; the other one the chick sang on)

Some others that I fondly recall:

The Lenny and Onkel collab I think called “Brand New Day” – that song ROCKED

Onkel put up many great songs, not a clunker among them, but I’ve forgotten many of the names… but I always like “Slam the Door” and “Roll the Dice”

Also, many Pearldiver’s songs, but especially “My Rich Juliette” which fortunately we jammed on at the NYLGT

Also, too many Sherz songs to recall, but one that sticks out in my mind was “Dusty Road”

also a Mark Petruzzi song that sticks in my mind after all these years is “Susan in the Fall”

And I’m really just skimming the surface. I recall a song “Tag und Nacht” that was incredible; also John Kennedy posted many great country songs, although I don’t remember them. Tim Goodcare’s song “Rue St Catherine” I always loved. There was a collab that I believe Sherz wrote, surfer penned, and Wolf sang on that was incredible – what was that one again? I’d like to hear that again. also, Thomas Vogdt posted some wonderful tunes, but the one that sticks out was one he wrote with Anna Marie Borg – it was in French, had a nice accordian in it. I’d love to hear that one again, but AMB said it was possibly going to be released so they needed to remove it. Anybody remember that one, or where one could listen to it?

They’re not the best, but the two tunes that are closest to my heart were collabs I did. Actually, make that three. I only did these three collabs, but they are without question my three favorite songs of my own that I posted:

She Looks to You – written and sung by Kevin Evans, arrangement and backing by me

“She Comes Alive” lyrics by Surfer, music by me

and my all-time fav:

“Bring Back the Song” written by me and sung by the incomparable Hackenslash

What hapenned to Tony (Hackenslash)?? He used to give reams of good advice in the old forum then just stopped posting.

I’m in contact with him. Tony’s OK, but he’s decided to stay away from forums for a while. Very Busy.