who can help me TTTT

hello i’m r2dom

i have big problem ,

i can’t use screen keyboard(virtual keyboard)

I don’t think I can solve the problem all over the world.

I ask for your help …ㅜㅜ

Obviously, I was using it well, but when I tried to use the sampler control function,

I dragged out the wave file and clicked on the keyboard, it went down the drain.ㅜㅜ

First, using the cubase 9.5 / usb keystation 88es keyboard / Tascam us-122km2.

picture in here


i can see input signal in keystation88es, but cubase cant out sound.

terrorble , im very sad i cant use keyboard ,

i can hear sound , when i write in cubase note, my mouse

but click in the side piano picture, in note page,

cant play sound .

i can play the piano keystation , when i close cubase and open vst Separately

please help me

All input output channel is no problem
device setup is no problem
i do reset preferences (control + shift + arlt)
i do everything but i cant find solution
this is crazy stein

why always me TT