Who can teach me to make expression maps?

For example a piano trill or a harp glissando?

Is that possible?

Added a soundslot, dialed in a Art.1, added output mapping, did the articulation window accordingly…still, i get no results…

Thanks soooo much, and then some;)

ditto here. they seem to be very hit and miss. apparently trumpets cant trill!!

I’m not an expert on expression map, so excuse me if I’m misleading you. Anyway, this is how I think it’s working.
All that a expression map is doing is sending information to your instrument which sample should be triggered. For example, some of the factory Brass presets in Halion (SE, Sonic and Halion 5) has multiple sample layers: layer 1 = articulation 1, layer 2 = articulation 2 and so forth. You use the expression map to switch between these layers. Look for halion presets with VX in their name.

So, in order to get a trill there must a sample layer containing this articulation. If I remeber correctly there are made some videos about expression maps that you can find on youtube.

That’s right - the source file for the articulation is still the sample.

I really dig the expression maps, but am annoyed that NI show no interest in supporting this. Makes the whole Komplete within Cubase a little less so. .