Who do I contact to resolve registration oddity?

Hi, sorry. Cant find an answer to this issue. I purchased Cubase 8.5 directly from Steinberg. The elicenser is loaded in with all my other legacy Cubase products. Cubase 9 upgrade downloaded with installation, no issues. I went through the registration process, but it didnt seem to “stick”, because later I got a “register your product” prompt when launching cubase. But I checked the “already registered” box. Then I got the prompt again upon next launch, then I went through the required steps , and apparently THAT didnt take either.

Elicenser says “No products found on this eLicenser.”

What am I missing? Thanks in advance!

You need to upgrade the license using the code Steinberg sent to you. The elicenser is empty? But what about your Cubase 8.5 license?

Thats just it. None of it makes sense. I of course HAD to enter the steinberg code to get the update or to install the software at all. Maybe I just need to contact them and figure it out.

Did you enter the upgrade code in the elicenser software? Can you open Cubase or not?

It is possible to create a support tickt inside My steinberg area. Login and you will see it there.