who has bought the new macbook pro + cubase 6 ?


has anyone of you bought one of those brand new quad core Macbook pro and used them with Cubase 6 ?

Could you feel an huge increase of power compared to the previous core 2 duo ?

Thanx in advance



As I was about to ask exactly the same question: bump it!


No one for sharing his experience ??? It can t be true !!!??

i work currently with the former MacBook Pro 2.4Ghz DualCore i5.
It’s working very well for me, even on fairly large projects.

I also would like to see how the performance difference is between my MacBook and the newer
Quadcore models.

Any insights?


High I got my new macbook pro 2011 (core i7 2.0 4gb ram) 15 days ago as desktop replacement and traveling. I was working with windows system. All I can say is that there is huge difference for me.

Old system :

Amd atlhlon x2 dual core 6000+ 3.2Hz
8 gb ram

It was working good on cubase 5. But I did not get a good performance after I updated to c6. So I purchased macbook pro 2011. There is huge difference. Because a project with 40-45 (channel audio midi intrument mixed channel has own fx eq etc.) was hitting to %100 cpu power on performance indicator. So I barely continued to my project.

When I got my MBP I have transferred same project to the Macosx and yes it worked like a machine without problem. And performance indicator was like %30-40. I just gut a few crashes but that was standard cubase 6 issues and bugs which will be fixed with upcoming 6.0.1 update…


thanx for your experience — when you say it hits 40 % of the processor on your MBP, what kind of plugs and vsti are opened ? the ones from cubase or other brands ?

Could you check if the 4 cores are working under C6 or only 2 of them ?

thanx again

It took some time to get my new MBP but maybe this is still of some interest.

old MBP:

  • early 2008
  • C2D 2.5 GHz
  • 4GB RAM
  • fast 500GB HD

new MBP:

  • early 2011
  • i7 Quad 2.2 GHz
  • 8GB RAM
  • standard 750GB HD

Of course the first thing I did was running xBench. And it simply blew me away :slight_smile: But what’s more important: The Performance in Cubase is about twice as high, tested it with different projects. So I’m pretty happy with it.


Rather then posting a new thread I thought i’d see if I can get an answer here!

I am looking at getting the new MacBook Pro for early 2011. The 13" model that is the lesser of the two models (the £999 one).

I need a laptop for uni so thought it would be wicked if i could upgrade my Cubase system at the same time (as i currently have a windows tower PC that I built for around £250 last year). So the plan would be to close the laptop and run a 24" monitor out of it.

So my question is would the £999 early 2011 macbook pro with 8GB Ram and a new 7200rpm hard drive do the trick?

I looked for what I would say are medium projects? 30ish tracks, VSTs like massive and battery 3, with effects like the fab filter series. I am making Dance music (drum and bass).
I currently have a focusrite USB 6 soundcard but may upgrade to a duet 2 when its out.

Thanks for your help

Yes it does the job easily. You will get 1920x1680 resolution aswell if you plug a 24+" inch
Monitor. Use apple wireless mouse and keyboad so
Is gives you a desktop performance while lid closed.

Cheers man, thanks for the advice!

Had C6 running on the new i7 17" macbook pro - with 16GB (!) ram installed, a OWC SSD boot drive. Metric Halo convertors (firewire).

It is QUITE a machine. I was quite impressed! Still suffered typical latency issues associated with FW interfaces on macs, but other than that, it coped with quite amazing stuff I threw at it.

Wish the machine was mine…