Who Has Signed Up Here Using a DIFFERENT Name?

If so, list your old Cubase.net name so we know who the heck you are!


Got that? :mrgreen:

I used to be Tones2. Who the hell are you!? :imp:

Yeah but we already know you were twilightsong. :slight_smile:

I was FastnLoose, and to lessen any confusion, I just went to my account to change my username back,
and apparently they’ll let you edit everything but your ‘nickname’. Unless I’m missing something, I’d have
to delete my account and start a new one - then my post count will diminish by 32. :slight_smile:

Tis a strange thing that one can’t edit the nick name, why?

phpBB3 software does allow the editing of a username, as a member is at root stored as a number. But exactly who can change a username is defined in teh permissions in the admin section.

Personally I don’t think users should be allowed to change username at will, but be allowed to do so on application to the mods.

I agree, if folks could change their username at will, the names would be changing faster than avatars :mrgreen:


Regularly changing avatars is cool - keeps things fresh, but there should be at least one foundation that stays the same.

On cubase.net my s/n was Hurican.

I didn’t change my nick.
I just use the one I used on nuendo.com.
But, with the new product apartheid, I can’t hang there anymore.

I did also have a cubase.net nick…but I had to choose one, so the other fell into history…


I used to be HarveyTitanium

Damn Harv, every time I see you post, I get thirsty :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m still the same guy. JSW=JSW

I used to be prism.

Nick! Nice to see ya here, my friend. :slight_smile:

sj_digriz on cubase.net … a nic I picked up a long time ago because no matter how dire the trouble, I always seemed to weezle out of it (much to my friends dismay). Now that I’m old and slow, I’ll just be me. Don’t want to tempt fate.

I hope its obvious I was Mr Mahogany: I was just tired of that name.

Yup, knew that was you :slight_smile:

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