Who here are using 6 to 8 core CPU's & 64 GB's ram?

I guess there are many others who already have enough in processing power, and enough RAM for their needs without having the latest, most powerful system .
In my projects, I can load everything I need without running out of resources, but my UAD plugins do help there.

So for now I’m set with my now old Q6600 and 8 gigs of RAM, without upgrading anything.
There probably are many others in a similar situation, but it all depends what you use your DAW for, and how.


You should check some benchmarks comparing current quad core models to your own. Clockspeed doesn’t show the complete picture. See Tom’s hardware for instance.

Absolutely, you have to consider the increased power of everything. The modern i7 chip is a powerful beast combined with fast ram, SSD’s and the modern motherboard capable of supporting the extra power.

Of course there are memory limits being applied, with processor hardware, motherboard hardware and OS limits.

My Honda Fit gets me from point A to point B quite nicely without any hiccups whatsoever. I don’t need to buy a Porsche. But if money were no object I probably would.

Same processor/RAM here, I rarely max out. And most of my work is VST intensive.

Not sure If this is the most apt analogy. Your Honda may get you around just fine but what happens when you need to haul a lot of items or transport a large family. Its not about a flashier version of the same thing(in this case a car) but something built for heavy loads (a truck) (CAME BACK TO EDIT PLEASE FORGET THE ABOVE,WHICH SEEMS REALLY NIT PICKY)

Just saying because as I’ve upgraded software ,especially the N.I. Line ,my Dell Core 2Duo is able to do less and less. Also XP is officially not supported by N.I. and many others (can’t even get ITunes in XP 64x) I’m facing the same questions as the OP in addition to becoming recently unemployed. I need power on the cheap and keep thinking that if I’m going to jump in why not go withan 8 core processor to future proof my set up

I’ve just finished a project today :slight_smile: my computer, a 6 core,12 thread 24 gig ram, SSD drive machine was pinging in the red CPU meter in cubase (2048 buffer size for mixdown) with the final mixes so I’m looking at upgrading my machine…

the project was recorded and mixed at 24/96 and I used Slate VCC and Tape along with Aether reverbs and a few nebula instances and mainly waves CLA comps and Pye/JJP EQ’s. None of the tracks were more than 40 tracks, but with quality plugs and some long FX reverbs you can max out a powerful machine.


It also shows that working at 96KHz really stresses a processor…

Indeed, but regardless of the theoretical arguments for and against higher sample rates for me, in my studio recording and mixing at 24/96 does sound better to me. Also,and this is a big also I’ve recently started producing artists for Linn records High resolution studio downloads and if you know your final product can be bought as a 24/96 download the benefit can be passed on to the end user.

@Steve, I’ll probably upgrade to a newer 6 core and overclock it(my current cpu wont overclock very well),along with the better ram bandwith and SATA 3 the whole system should work better. I know it’s not going to be a huge jump forward but it seems most people can run a 3930k at 4 to 4.5 ghz on an air cooler which would be a boost to my 3.2 ghz current cpu.


Yeah, I wasn’t criticising the use of 96KHz? just noting the extra Oomph required to work at that rate :slight_smile:

absolutely split, I didn’t take it as a criticism at all :slight_smile: 96k does indeed need some oooomph


As long as Moore’s Law continues to be true the next greatest leap in computing power will be just around the corner.
Although it may start slowing down a bit soon, but then who really knows :laughing:


Now there’s a good Idea :mrgreen:

A sound way of thinking, Steve.

Anymore it’s a “steady stream” of revenue from every customer that’s the key. No matter if it fits what they are selling. It’s not like Intel is breaking ground exactly every quarter, with a new model of CPU. :slight_smile: It’s just a perpetuation of that sickness you mentioned.

If you cannot create a secondary need (with a product) then instead limit the lifespan of it. If not by breaking down, then by dependency on other products or sub-products. This also works great with computing and software. :slight_smile:

It’s in line with planned obsolescense. This term, according to wiki, was popularized already in the in the mid 50’s, so it’s obviously nothing new, but it has contributed to the way we are currently consuming.

Good words, Steve. And when considering such things, accompanied with the famous words of Leo Tolstoy, “Anything is better than lies and deceit!”, really, the one word that comes to mind is pathetic.

I use to be on the update train, both computer and software. I found it killed creation, for me that is. spending time fiddling with computer advances was fun but I wasn’t writing songs. I was perfectly happy with 2 hardware synths for years but for some reason decided I needed 100 soft synths. I had an ART multieffect box, lexicon verb and a hardware eq…then same thing, thought I needed 100 vst’s. I’ve given up all the needless toys and the flow has never been better. and when it comes to operating system, couldn’t care less, nothing is hooked to the net in the studio and if dos could run cubase and the few programs I use I’d be very happy with that. I don’t need the latest butterfly cursor or fading window. I do need a new guitar tuner though :laughing:

It’s not necessarily a fare example, but I build a new PC every other summer. I start shopping for parts in April/May and make purchases in June. Again, every other year. I have done that since the early 90s. I am a programmer and systems analyst, so it is partly professional and partly self serving my interest in computing. So, it isn’t “necessary” for me to do it.

However, I built a new system in the summer of 2010 with a 6/12 core 980x and SSD drives and 12GB of triple channel RAM. Well, there just wasn’t a reason or architecture update that made it interesting to upgrade that system. I have it overclocked to 4.5Ghz. The SSD drives perform incredibly well. Heck, I even have USB 3. I have no problems recording at 96khz and still run lots of plugs. i can have BFD2 and Kontakt loaded to the hilt with samples and they run great. I simply don’t have to work to optimize projects anymore.

So, this was the first time I’ve skipped a new build in ages. And, I don’t see anything coming that might interest me or change the performance as significantly as SSDs did. Possibly Thunderbird …

On the issue of 64Gig of memory. It is difficult to have a stable system with 24gig let alone 64. Plus, most modern romplers (Kontakt, Halion, BFD, Steven Slate, Superior Drummer etc…) have extremely efficient streaming. In addition to the improved streaming efficiency we now have SSD drives that can have incredible bandwidth capabilities, and the need for all that extra RAM is diminished. Obviously there are orchestration type projects that will still benefit from 16+ gigs of RAM. But, it’s not nearly as hard to get a good performing rompler setup as it used to be.

good points JIm about the ram. I too have done exactly as Jim has done over the last 10 years and, I too have stuck with my X58 system for longer. If I could reliably have OC’d my 970 to 4-4.5 ghz I’d probably not be thinking of upgrading. Unfortunately my CPU wont overclock so the cost of buying another 970 or 980 x58 cpu doesn’t make sense, I might as well get a a sandybridge and new MOBO.


64GB of RAM? How the fark could you use all of that? Remember, it must get cached before it becomes usable, so too much RAM will actually slow down your system.

And who in hell needs 8 cores? Your question sounds like a matter of quantity vs. quality.