Who install ome more time Cubase 6 ?

I would reinstall cubase 6 element but the procedure is complicated with eLicenser. I have all the keys activations but each time I’m asked one Esoft. Anyway, I do not understand anything. But I used to reinstall a lot of programs but I think steinberg should do as other procedures.
If a tutorial is in French, I’d love to have it.

thank you all.

Do you have a dongle? I.e. Do you have a USB eLicenser?

Cubase 6 Elements is licenced by e-Licenser (not USB dongle) as default.

If you want to switch this Cubase on another one computer, login into your Steinberg account, and choose Activation & Reactivation. Find the Cubase 6 Elements product and follow instructions.

Very important are 2 fields in the form. Soft-eLicenser number (which you can find in the eLicenser Control Center of your new computer) and Activation Code (which you can find on the paper, you got with the Cubase, when you bought it). There are pictures of these codes, where are placed, on the Steinberg’s page.