Who is interested in 8.5 update ?

I would never upload my creations and projects to remote servers over the net !

For me the MIDI editing and other new features are minor, nothing really exciting.
There are so many enhancements that could (should) have been done in MIDI, Video etc areas.

I’ve been waiting for ages for improvements in SCORE EDITOR : nothing in 8 and nothing in 8.5. Will there ever be any ?

On the other hand, maybe there 's enough for a “.5” version.

In this case, for my part, the only and most important reason I would eventually update would be the bug fixes. Hope there is any !

Sorry Steinberg, no offense, I know any update implies a LOT of work, but still waiting for 9 with, I hope, game changer new features ! any date ? :wink:

By the way, why all your video presentations are always done on Mac ? Don’t you have any PC and Windows 10 at hand ?!

there are a couple bits of this upgrade im interested in. the question is do i really wanna shell out 50 more euro just these few things. mix view GUI enhancement & new transport & cycle functionality knowing full well Cubase 9 is prolly 6 months down the road and yet more money wanted from Steiny to keep my “pro” version up to date

in all fairness it’s not just what’s here… it’s everything after until the next paid upgrade to 9.


for £36.00 GBP?

How can I complain. good workflow improvements, wont please al but at least they listened and concentrated on workflow rather than bloat.

My sentiments exactly :wink:

Everyone also seems to forget that paying for this update gets you the next one for less. If you are likely to update to C9 then there is very little reason not to do this one too.

just the MIDI editor enhancements do it for me… also the new mediabay enhancements… import track from project… whats not to like? im getting on board!

I’m not all that impressed. There is (for me) not a single cannot-live-without new feature and only a couple of attractive improvements with respect to how I use the DAW. I will no doubt be upgrading, but I’ll be waiting for 8.5.2 or so before bothering.

Except based on past pricing:

8.0 to 8.5 upgrade cost + 8.5 to 9.0 upgrade cost = 8.0 to 9.0 upgrade cost

So by the time you get to 9 it costs the same independent of if you do this upgrade.

I’m pretty impressed to be honest! This sort of update focuses improvements for already existing functionality, that’s much more worth to me than new synths or whatever.

Don’t have it installed yet and hope nothing got broke on the way from .0 to .5 :wink:

I’d bet that we won’t see any changes until after Steinberg releases their new Scoring program (whenever that might be). After that I’d expect to find parts of that getting integrated into Cubase. Totally just a guess, but it makes sense if you think about how to best allocate development resources.

Exactly. I did and have no regrets C8.5 loads faster for me + few nice enhancements. But anyway it’s more like investments into C9.

Yes. that’s what I hope actually: on the other hand, the absence of update is probably a good sign in this direction.
But it’s a pity that Steinberg doesn’t ever communicate about it.

“parts of that getting integrated into Cubase” ? … No ! entirely integrated into Cubase I hope (or at least as a plugin).

And yes, 50€/$ is certainly worth it of course, if only to motivate them to continue to give us such regular updates, and for Cubase 9 … :wink:

50$ is not really a lot of money…but to pay 50$ to just have more problems then i have now…i think its a lot.

Totally agree that the 2 programs should be fully integrated. What I meant is that the score capabilities that come bundled into Cubase (without purchasing the scoring app) would eventually be a subset of what’s in the big app. Perhaps we’ll even see an expansion of the product line.

Cubase 9 Elements
Cubase 9 Artist
Cubase Pro 9
Cubase Orchestration 9 - Pro + Full score app + HSO

OK, 9 is aspirational, but 12 or 13 for sure :unamused:

That assumes you actually will see more problems. It could be the same or less. Sure you see issues reported on the forum, but there are others, like myself, seeing no issues. Plus a bunch of the complaints are of the “they didn’t implement what I wanted” nature.

nice improvements, however I can live without them, and the improvements I need are still not there yet (macro controls like ableton live, multitrack freezing, colorcoding the whole channel in the mixer…). So I’ll keep my 8.0.3 version for now and I’ll wait for C9 in 1 year. :sunglasses:

i think its cheeky to charge for a 8.x upgrade, but its the way cubase is.
£36 in the uk certainly isnt a lot of money, i upgraded and and liking the changes.

the one feature i want is to be able to batch export multiple regions like you can in reaper… (and its why i still use reaper for recording long gigs/rehearsals etc) hopefully in 9.0!

I’m in Mexico and the exchange rate is so effin’ high right now: US$1 = MXN$17 OUUUUCH, so unless I’d get it for $99 or less I could buy it, but $150 it’s just way too much for me right now living this hard economic crisis in this effin’ country! I think I’ll be stuck in 7.5 for the rest of my life! lol :unamused:

Similar situation here (Russia)… I guess we just have to get used to it and deal with it :cry: