Who is using external effects with RME Raydat?

First, a little background:
I’ve been using an RME Fireface UFX together with an ADI-8 DS MKIII and the delay compensation for external effects never worked for me (see other posts about this issue…). I always hoped Steinberg would add negative delay compensation someday, and with only a handful of outboard gear it was inconvenient, but I could live with the workarounds. Since I now have 16 channels of hardware compressors, equalizers and so on and it looks like Steinberg will NEVER solve this issue, I need to change something in my setup.
Instead of ditching Cubase and using another DAW (like every human being with common sense would be doing in this situation), I figured I’d give it one more chance and get an RME RayDAT and hook up three ADI-8 DS MKIII to it.

But before I do this, I want to know:
Is there anybody who is using an RME RayDAT (I guess the exact converter used is not crucial) with external hardware effects? Does the delay compensation for external effects (Ping) work for you?

Works here, using Behringer ada8000 and ada8200, Steinberg mr816x and motu 828mk2.
Although I have experienced zero ping, it has mostly been my own fault, using a wrong settings in totalmix… I had some issues with the early Windows10 RME drivers, but that has been solved a long time ago…

Cool, thank you! :sunglasses:

Works with hdsp9652, pci brother of raydat, too.

Hi Peakae, im having this issue with cubase 10.5 and an RME aio not reporting the delay with external effects, what were the wrong settings in total mix you changed? I cant figure it out.

Well it had to do with direct monitoring. That needs to be off in cubase and totalmix .