Who likes live disco music?

Hey guys,

I’ve new hot mix to share and receive feed back / creative criticism / blunt cold honest advice from you guys who have been doing this longer than me!


Like last time I have recorded the direct outs of the desk via a alesis multi-mix fire-wire 16 as a multi-track into cubase, mix in cubase and edit / home master in wave-lab pro. I have a non acoustically treated room and use KRK Rocket 5 V3 monitors, an Sennheiser HD 25 - 1 II headphones to reference with.

I Stick to stock plug-ins while I am learning the art.

The Track is a cover of Sister Sledge - Lost In Music, performed by a local band of talented musicians - We Fire

There is a lossless 16bit 44.1kHz FLAC download option on the page above which was rendered directly out of wave-lab. I know the 128 mp3 of sound-cloud is not the best!

Thank you for your time


hi Ben ,sounds good ,but one thing i noticed was the sound of the snare kept changing not very drastically but it starts off at 40 secs sounding good but then became inconsistent throughout don`t know if this was how hard he was hitting it or what.
another thing ,arrangement is also an important part of mixing a track, just listening to this track and not been a participant at the nightclub the track does start to get a bit boring ,you could edit some chunks out where nothing is happening ,and remember this is cubase the world is your sound oyster ,you could do some wacky stuff remixes ,good luck .

Hi thanks for the feed back the snare is something I noticed too after posting the track. Not sure how to sort it. with out sample replacement (Which I kinda see as cheating! Especially on a live recording) Its will be partly natural variation with velocity and partly my processing chain on it: expander - EQ -compressor - maximizer. In hind-site perhaps the maximizer would be better in place of the compressor and the EQ placed after? The drummer is also providing the male BV which will effect it when he’s singing.

I had totally not considered the arrangement, your right 8 minuets it a long track for what’s essentially a 16 bar loop with vocals! I am looking to play around with it over the holidays I have a week off in January and see if I can do a shorter remix. The tempo on it is very stable for a live performance pretty much 115bpm give or take 1% the whole track, which will help a lot. I’ve done on remix before which took over a month, As I was learning techniques as I went, but it was great fun. I posted it earlier in the year. Its an interesting creation!


(The sound cloud links to the original version)



Additional, I’ve experimented with the processing chain on the snare - Expander - Maximizer - EQ workings better. Busy preparing it all to bounce out as processed tracks to start remixing from.

nice one Ben ,love the remix of the King Zepha track ,very catchy. did you use the tempo detection tool and quantize everything

Thanks you.

I used the audio to midi to extract the kick and snare parts which I tided and up embellished. Used Groove Agent to play the claps and kick samples. Then put the audio in to musical mode and upped the tempo. bounced everything back out. I did not quantise as I wanted to keep the swing of the original. I choose big sections of the original to keep and worked around it with short loops that worked in time and cut out single notes to make the intro and outro. Used delays and automation to make its a bit dub in style. Went to town with filters and a vocoder from cubase 5 I think on the vocal. used quadrofuss on the bass. was so much fun. Think the mixer ended up with a good 60 tracks with all the reverbs and delays distortion fx’s. VCA channels helped a lot with the mix down.

Quite job to do especially with the amount of bleed on the original. Thank god for expander gates!

Here are screen grabs I Made of the project arranger and Mixer!



with the tempo detection tool it just creates quantized hitpoints from your track so in your case if you have recorded the kit you can use that for the tempo detection ,it makes it easy replacing kit parts if needed ,it doesn`t alter the feel . expander who? what do you use that for

I like live disco… in moderate doses.
There is a local band where I live who also do a great job of playing disco hits as well as a lot of the 70s soft rock hits.
Sounds nice! I like the live sound.

Expander Gates, I use them to make loud parts louder thus quieter bits quieter to expand the dynamic range, which makes it easier to gate out the bits you don’t want for me the spillage from the stage and monitors in between vocal phrases, or for removing / reducing re-verb from guitars and keys etc. Really helps clean things up for editing and mashing!

Oh that Tempo detection with quantized hit points sounds cool, will have to have a look and a play with that.

Thank you for the kind works That70sthrocker