Who likes "Progressive House" music?

Who likes “Progressive House” music? https://youtu.be/wka2gadkuxA

Made whit cubase pro 19.5

wow, are you from the future? 19.5… is Cubase still a thing? Is there multitrack warp already xD

:laughing: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: I am waiting for 20

The music was great. I liked the interaction of the layers with each other.

The track was really bright and healthy. I liked the track overall.


I like it very much
It has that cold loneliness feeling of house music and the cool additions - or variations - of progressive music.
Well done!
The Bass is great ,though a few decibels boost in 30-50 Hz area wouldn’t hurt either.
Listened to by “ATH-M50x” + “Sonarworks Refrence 4” software
Good job!