Who’s using the system track, and how?

Curious about the new system track. I’m asking for the sake of improving my workflow.

In general, I don’t use it. If I want to insert a bar, I find it much easier to type Shift+B, 1, enter. Same with deleting bars.

I get that Alt allows you operate on divisions of the rhythmic grid, but I haven’t found a need for that.

I think I’d be more likely to use it if it were floating. I typically work with orchestrations, and I’m spending a good bit of time on the string parts, so the system track isn’t visible. I know this feature is in progress.

Just curious to hear if others are using the system track regularly, and how they find it particularly beneficial. Thanks!

I find it very helpful for copying and pasting passages of music wholesale - including chord symbols, time signatures etc.

Also for deleting large chunks of music wholesale - unlike using Shift-B and a minus number, you don’t have to do the arithmetic to work out exactly how many bars you’re removing.

I use it mainly for adding/subtracting measures. As pianoleo said, no math involved. And, the +/- seemed a bit fiddly to me, in terms of the popover; I prefer this way. My only complaint is that sometimes it gets in the way of selecting an item, but overall I like the addition of it.

Just as a little reminder: the + isn’t needed anymore in the popover when adding bars (since Dorico version 2).

Exactly the same reasons for me. I find I’m using the system track fairly regularly.

As it can occasionally cover items on stave above, making those items unselectable, I tend to call it up when I need it, rather than leave it showing.