who says "steinberg dont listen " ?? oh but they do 100%

Hi Guys
Time after time forum users use the phrase "steinberg dont listen to us "…
that is utter B.S
here is why…
From my personal point of view …
i was one of many who asked for a sampler … we got it…
it has been continually updated and made more powerful than some of the paid stuff out there .
but my request of a better downloader has been used … it was just that what we have now is what i asked for from version 8 …
these things take time but they are always looked at and if its realistic it will be implimented … but not right away… i guess they are looking at cubase 13 now as we speak :slight_smile: (who knows)
I asked for a modular downloader simply because at the time i hated that loop playing toy … i forgot what its called … i just never use it
so i asked why not have a modular installer, thus giving the user the choice of what is installed eg vst vsti etc…
this was not possible at the time… but now look … maybe next version it will be expanded…who knows…
steinberg do listen…100% how many requests are there ? why do people expect immediate results ?? why are there so many haters out there ???

my next request will be to continue to push for indipendant metering eg … if you have three mixers open as i often do ,how cool would it be to have one mixer showing input busses using input in its metering and another mixer showing tracks using post panner metering …??

this one day may or may not be a feature i just hope when it is i am still around so i can repost this to everyone who writes "steinberg dont listen to us "…
cheers guys.

i do expect to be slated burned and trolled for this , but it states my case
haters be my guest

Perhaps they only listen to you. :laughing:

Few years ago I’ve requested a content manager in the HALion FR subforum, not much later the HALion Library Manager appeared which now has evolved into the Steinberg Library Manager. The listening ear from HALion is now the listening ear here at Cubase, so a bit late but better late than never, thanks for the Library Manager Matthias!

The Download assistant thing is badly executed. You have no idea what you have downloaded or haven’t downloaded. When you boot it up it simply shows everything that’s available to download whether you have it or not. It’s so unintuitive. With NI for example it shows you only what you have so you can manage it properly. When you add a serial code then that product is added.

There should be a separate page to download trials that aren’t mixed in with your own purchases. Sometimes I don’t even remember what packs I have or haven’t bought anf the download assistant provides no ‘assistance’ ironically.

It´s quite obvious, the many users here have problems distinguishing between „I“ and „we“ / „me“ and „us“

Exactly !!
My name is Tony Montana :laughing:
Can i ask you to ask for some Feature request that i need in your name ? (how much should i pay you ? )

actually there is a feature that i thought about, but never put it on the FR section or any other place, i didnt bother thought they wont do it anyway.
but they actually did it with the new export window, the select tracks in project and have them linked/selected in the export window.
maybe i just need to wish my FR for cubendo only in my heart so they will comet true :wink:


Hear ye! They’ve really improved to GUI performance on Mac, made bouncing stems even better, enhanced the sampler with slices… These were all top requests for me and I’m super happy with this update!

My problem with Steinberg is that they fulfill a lot of these requests in a half-assed way. They don’t seem to put too much thought into the actual use case of some of these implemented features -while still giving us the impression that they “listened”. In my opinion, they definitely listened but never quite understood!

well I asked multiple times to be able to pitch shift audio in main arrangement window without timestretching algo so if you pitch shift up or down the waveform should increase/decrease in size, this is a fundamental function that for some reason cubase is struggling with, so I doubt they listen this time too

I want this too. Bump up/down the sample semitone when musical mode isn’t selected should change the length of the sample