Who uses HiDPI - Odd problems with it?

I got a 4K monitor over the weekend. I previously used a 2K monitor with HiDPI tuned off. I figured I would give it a shot so I turned it on and have it set to scale per windows. What exactly does HiDPI do? I “think” Nuendo 11 looks cleaner but I’m having real problems with some plugins.

Fuse Audio - The black container field that the plugin lives in is huge but the gui for the actual plugin doesn’t change.

Cytomic - The Glue - Meter no longer works and it crashes Nuendo “poof” when resizing it.

All plugins work fine with HiDPI off. Is anyone using HiDPI successfully? What are the benefits to you?

Good day @trmupstage,

I am running HiDPI without any unexpected problems. Have you had a close look at this article:

The gist of it is there is a sweet spot somewhere between not being on certain Intel GPUs or non-UDH monitors. I’m on a AMD Ryzen, Nvidia, and 5 Dell - S3220DGF 32" LED Curved QHD monitors. HiDPI setting is Windows Scaling, and only have the occasional problem with iZotope plugins when I have too many of them open in real-time. On just one of my monitors, the Nuetron Pro plugin window flashes white when I move the mouse over it.

I actually repurposed the 4K monitors I had running, due to issues similar to this in other applications, I just couldn’t read the screen
IMO, 4K monitors are an excellent choice for 4K video workflows, gaming, and watching movies, not so much daily audio work.

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A lot of problems with HDPI. I was sold my 4k 27 Display and now want to buy 2k 27. Hope it will be better… What was wrong with 2k Display for you? Check the post here.

I was updating my post above, while yours was being posted, and I did the very thing - replaced my 4K monitors.

So, what displays now you are using?

I am running 8 monitors in total. 5 Dell - S3220DGF 32" LED Curved QHD monitors at 2560 x 1440 refresh rate 120hz and 3 Dell U2713HM at 1920 x 1440 60Hz on Nvidia RTX 2070

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I was tested 33 with QHD… don’t like the picture after 4k. Seems that 27 looks more good with QHD. 32 with QHD looks like 24 HD for me

That makes since, with me being nearly at senior citizen age, the larger monitors are a necessity. The younger the eyes, the higher the resolution!

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In the studio I am using a 55" Samsung, but am not sure if it is “hidpi” whatever that is.

When I get back from my “workation” I’ll try to see what is what.

That said, on my 15" laptop, seeing certain things like text is a PITFA. LOL.

Thanks for all the replies. Seems I’m not alone with odd screen behaviors. I did have a 2K monitor and it was OK but it began doing some screen burn in thing. I’d close a window and the ghost of the window would stay on screen for a few minutes. I use a 4K at my regular job and enjoy the higher readability. I went though and upgraded all plugins, including Waves WUP $$$. It’s sort of workable right now but I still have a number of plugins that act strange. Izotope and Cytomic being two. I was having problems with Fuse plugins but ray told me to remove the VST3 versions and just used VST2.4. Those work fine now. I will give this a while more. I’m a bit short on money after making all the upgrade purchases so I’d like to see if i can make it work.

Not necessarily helping with the solution, but more validating the problem - Working on the engineering side of this business for 20+ years has resulted in a singular consistency with this problem: You can have have great Audio or Video support in a platform (software/hardware), but not both. Case in point: Nuendo is awesome at audio, not so much on the UI. Conversely, DaVinci Resolve is quite the opposite.