Who Wants this Ring

I’m posting this song for a friend of mine, Clark Vreeland who wrote it. I played lap steel on it and it was done in cubase 7. I just think it’s a really cool tune.


interesting and unusual song…atmospheric and meloncholy, nice lap steel work, enjoyed the song but should have ended at 3.34…seemed a natural place to end…Kevin

This is great.

The harmonic progression is like the ring :slight_smile:

Great tune love the guitar, am I being redundant in saying I like your playing lol

yeh good stuff

Good song. Are you playing all the stringed instruments? I like the singing too.

I like it, unique song and unique style. Michael.

Appreciate the comments and will forward them to the writer.

It sounds great. Reminded me a bit of Neil Young (the song, not so much the vocals).


This is a cool song. I quite enjoyed the harmonies both melodically and that they sat well with the main vocal track.

nice job on everything…enjoyed it

I like a song that lets the listener fill in the narrative gaps. I can relate because I broke up with my fiance a couple months ago… but I let her keep the ring, I told her that I gave it to her, it belonged to her; she could pawn it someday if she was a bit short :laughing: But using the word “ring” as a metaphor for “heart” and I’m right there with the sad sadness of this sad song :sunglasses: