Who was Jan Hendrik Peters?

Hi, I found this in the about section. Does anybody anything about him?

Thank you.

Oh man, I did not notice that, nor hear about his passing. RIP Jan, so sorry to hear.

Jan was on the dev staff at Steinberg headquarters, I interacted with him on the forum many times. His forum profile is here

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RIP… Condolences to his family :disappointed_relieved: His profile doesn’t exist.

Oh, man! What happened?

I just took a look at the “about” splash after installing the C11.0.10 update to see if it stuck.
Then I notice the extra line about JHP. Always helpful and patient …
Terrible loss. Condolences to family, friends, company and community.

And just the other day I remembered the Cubase Project he created with all the Quantize presets from, correct me if I’m wrong, way back like DNA Grooves old stuff that was included in early versions of Cubase.

Learning about his untimely death is just sad.


Thank you for sharing this info about him would love to hear from other members too about him as well. RIP :frowning: