Who would like to see MIDI Remote support for “(TouchSensitive) MotorFader”?

Who else would like to see “(TouchSensitive)MotorFader” being supported?

That would enable me to move to midi scripts and use the full potential of MIDI Remote instead of hijacking 3Party “drivers” that support TouchSense.


Hi, it’s been asked already and @Jochen_Trappe said it was on the todo list.

Hopefully, it will be in the next version.



I rigged one up via scripting and it works a treat

@robw That’s great, how do you transmit/receive the the information that the fader is touched? I couldn’t find that in the documentation.

@thomas_martin I have seen that, but since it has been April ( and I think 2 updates) since he mentioned it, this here is my desperate try to move it up on his list :wink:

I rigged up a fader for the fader and a button for the touch.
You can see it in my icon platform+ touch fader code:

Then you just bind the touch button to change what you want to have happen:

That second link is from a branch I’m working on. When the fader is touched the varibale touched is set and then I use that elsewhere in the code to change the Display to show the current touch value on and its name in full on the two line display.

I actually want the touch to trigger automation write and more importantly end write when it is released. “Write On” is not really a big problem in Cubendo since it will start automatically when it receives a controller value. Ending automation write is the tricky bit here. If you don’t send an “Stop Automation Write When Touch Released” it will write on for about 1-2 seconds after it received the last controller and then drop out of automation.
Would that be assignable too? Maybe I have searched for the wrong terms in the documentation, but so far I did not stumble across it.

This is a nice idea to use the touch value to change the display.

But the real need for me is support for “touch” automation mode. Without touch sensitive support, Nuendo will keep writing value for a few seconds after release of the fader.

This is supported in Mackie Control, and other protocols but not in MidiRemote yet.

We don’t really need a new kind of control, just access to some kind of “write enable” for each host objects…

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It should not be needed to have specific support for it. The primitives should be good enough so that all logic can be done in the controller driver. And Steinberg should have a example driver for a mixer, MCU is very common and are used by many vendors. However I don’t think Mackie accept that and Steinberg have probably NDA’s with Mackie. There are other old Steinberg devices like Houston that they can use. Or a Yamaha mixer. I think AVID have a SDK for their Eucon protocol that should be possible to use. (Ok, it is wont be useful it does not use 40 year old midi stuff it is based on modern network protocols)

In my naive imagination is_touched/is_not_touched “just” needs to be made accessible to the midi remote scripts. Preferably for every assigned parameter, not just volume.

It should be possible have Write mode enabled/disabled on the track that is touched in the same way I change the display - it’s just a command binding to do so. Not sure if they will give the desired outcome though.
I’ve got some other things on my plate but might fiddle with setup some more and see if I can get it closer. Mackie can’t be doing much more than this because the Touch is just a Midi event, nothing special.

Touched is just a midi event, is accessible to midi remote and can be bound to anything - nothing to do with volume unless you bind it to volume. I’ve had it bound to select track previously, and now it acts as a state change for the display (you could in fact have it change depending on what Page you are in…)

“is” methods usually a object property. It is good with such method but it need to be global.
So a is_touched is true even if it is on a MCU or Eucon fader. For a remote controller you need a event that you can watch “subscribe” or “use”. It is the controller that touching or not touching. The controller should be able to interact with read-write automation configuration.

After some further fiddling with some alternatives, I can’t reproduce the intended Touch behaviour where it punches in/out automation on touch. Using Write creates its own special kind of “not quite the intended” behaviour as well. There must be another switch inside cubase for the way MCU does it or I am just lost in midi remote.

+1 for touch-sensitive fader support.

Ideally this would be implemented such that the current fader element has an optional value (e.g. mTouchValue) that can be bound (separately from mSurfaceValue) to the MIDI messages sent for touching (e.g. map to a note message for note-on = touched, note-off = not-touched). If a fader is configured in this way, Nuendo should use that touch information when writing automation for anything bound to that fader. If mTouchValue isn’t bound, the fader isn’t touch sensitive.


I’ve been begging for this in the Nuendo section, but I’m guessing Cubase being more ‘composer/producer’ focussed, functionality like this could get much more traction here.

Being able to punch in and out of automation passes for synth/instrument CC’s the way you can for the mixer would be a DREAM.

Seeing it’s on the to-do list really does make me smile.

Cheers, let’s hope it gets included.

Little side note: A ‘bypass’ function might be useful so you won’t have your faders ‘clacking’ all over the place all the time when you’re working.