Whole building/house power conditioning?


Where I live it is soooo quiet it hurts, but one of the downsides is power outages.
Not often but not uncommon (maybe 3-4 times a year)
And yes we have a generator for those occasions but I would never record while it is running.
And I use a power conditioner/ups device in the studio. (APC)

I’m wondering if any of you guys use whole building/house power conditioners?

and If you do

1- How expensive is it?
2- Does it have to be professionally installed?
3-What brand manufacturer?


Thanks sooo much for that info Steve

Just the direction in which I needed to be pointed.

Sending much Aloha.

Interesting thread about local line conditioners, not whole house but still relevant I think.


Thanks for that link split.
Opens up a whole new can of worms.
I’ll keep researching.

Thanks again