Whole note rests missing

I keep having an issue where I have a section where there are no whole bar rests showing in a section of a part in the score. If I enter a note in one of the bars then they appear, but if I delete that note again then they disappear. There are other sections in that part which are empty of material and they appear with whole bar rests in the normal way.

Find the last note or rest in the voice prior to the point at which bar rests no longer appear, and look in the Properties panel: the Ends voice property will presumably be set. Try deactivating this.

Hi |Daniel, I had tried fiddling around with this already. It’s actually unset. I tried switching it on and off but in this case it doesn’t make any difference. For safety I tried it again just now and it’s the same.

Try the opposite, start voice property on the first note after the rest.


If you can’t figure it out, you’ll need to attach the project itself here so we can take a look.

Yes when this happens to me, I find that either “ends voice” before, or “starts voice” after, has been turned on – or occasionally, if it’s an XML import, it has been interpreted as a “cross staff” situation with the staff above or below, and that’s where the music that fills up that time is hiding.

Or activate the caret in the first empty measure and type SHIFT+B Rest.

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Shift - B worked perfectly. Thank you Derrek.

Noting Rinaldo’s point, this is an xml import, and I’ve had a number of odd issues with this score, so maybe that’s where the problem originated?

Yes, certainly it’s possible that the unexpected things you’re seeing are caused by Dorico interpreting specific things in the MusicXML file. For future projects you should consider reviewing the settings on the MusicXML Import page of Preferences and switching off most of the options there, which gives Dorico the freest hand in notating the music as closely as possible to how it would behave if you had input it yourself directly in Dorico.

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Hi Daniel, I will bear that in mind next time. It’s the first time I’ve tried importing scores using xml .