Whole notes are coming out as double whole notes

Something appears to be wrong with my default notehead set. In any new document I create, whole notes I input (i.e. with the 8 key) have the shape of a round double whole note, and double whole notes I input (i.e. with the 9 key) have the shape of square double whole notes. Nothing appears to be set incorrectly in the Edit Notehead Sets dialog, and I even used the Revert to Factory button to no avail.
Potential red herring: I did have a custom “chanty noteheads” notehead set created and starred, in which the whole note (8) was configured to produce a round double whole notehead. I have since deleted that notehead set in my attempts to correct this issue.

Are you definitely using the Default Notehead Set? Confusingly, Dorico uses the “Larger Noteheads” set as a factory default, though this can be changed at Engraving Options > Notehead Sets.

Ayii, yes that’s right, I knew that. I find the Edit Notehead Sets dialog a bit confusing to navigate. I had mistakenly modified the Larger Noteheads set…