Whole rests in second voices

Hi Community,

is there a way to have the whole rest of v2 sit in the middle of the bar and the rests of v1 move up a little?

(in write mode)

Or how would you deal with this voicing situation?
Its a divisi vl1 and in the next bar the metà2 div. start on beat1, just the upbeat is in vl.1 metà1

Edit1: I know i can move the rests of v1 manually with Rest pos. in Properties panel, but the v2 rest has strange behaviour when i try to move it.
Edit2: When you move a whole rest outside the staff it seems to convert in a half note rest only with the barline underneath… strange

If you want a bar rest, set the caret, invoke the Bars popover using Shift+B then type rest and Enter. Alternatively use the “insert bar rest” button in the Bars section of the right panel.

Just wondering… Did you input the v2 rest as a bar rest or as a whole rest?
[Edit] Leo, you’re fast!

I’ll stop being quick in a few minutes, Marc - I’m on a plane waiting to take off :wink:


I did this completely complicated :wink:
Entered a whole rest in v2 with the resttool enabled

Insert bar rest is a whole new feature for me :slight_smile: (happy)

Thanks Leo - I’ve been wondering how to achieve this. I often need to get bar rests in choral reductions when only one voice starts, and the other voice on that stave enters later. It’s ok after the first entry of the other voice, the bar rests appear automatically, but it’s those first rests that are the problem. Now solved!

I’m always glad to have helped more than one person :slight_smile: