Whoooo! Mac Ventura! Feel the Burn!

Yep. I upgraded. Nope, I didn’t have any pending projects. Yes it runs like crap. Stalls and poofs are the name of the game.

I hurt so you dont have to. :joy:



Intel or Apple CPU? Intel is soon abandonware. Already?

Running perfectly fine here, and has since the Ventura beta…

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Hi there! I wonder if it is safe to upgrade to Ventura now that 12.0.51 is out? I’m on Monterey at the moment and trying to diagnose a problem related to Kontakt 6 crashing Cubase. I wonder if upgrading to Ventura will help…

I wouldn’t. For me things run worse.


But you are on intel correct?

I just upgraded and Ventura and Cubase 12.0.51 work just fine!

At least for now.

I just opened and closed a bunch of projects and it is running stable.

The problem related to Kontakt 6 is still not fixed however :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been running it since the betas (Intel Mac Mini) and had no issues with Cubase the entire time. A couple plugins were a different story, but those were taken care of right after Ventura was released, and Cubase 12 is still working as it should be here.

I did go back to 12.0.50 though. I have a Novation Launch Key I use every now and then, so I rolled back to avoid the issues 12.0.51 is having with controllers… Aside from that it worked just fine too.

Nope. Mac Studio. Cubase poofs a LOT when I run HALion or Groove Agent. Usually because I sound design in surround. Touching that makes everything fall apart.


Running fine here on 12.0.52

No crashes with Halion or GrooveAgent

Reinstall DAW or OS?

Groove Agent running fine here as well on .52. Decided to update this weekend, worked on a project with 3-4 Groove Agent SE tracks in it all day yesterday (all my Thinks and Amens!) and not a hiccup…

Of course, my setup is stereo so haven’t touched any of the surround stuff. Weren’t there some Atmos optimizations/updates in .50/.51/.52??

yeah me neither. I work with a multichannel audio interface (RME)
I can imagine this might be a little more tricky especially if you have more than 2 virtual channels

Hi everbody,

So I updated to the new Groove Agent…still poof city. I THINK it’s a bug in Halion WITH Groove Agent if you use the Surround Sound Plugin. That seems to be the culprit somehow.

Amadeus e.d.p.

Yeah has to be something with that. I’m regularly using both GA and Halion in all my projects here. I actually started dumping projects from my MPC into Cubase last week and re-creating all the MPC instruments with Halion, drum programs with Groove Agent, still rock solid, even on my brand new M2 Pro Mini I got Sunday…


Do a test for me if you would. Load a patch into Halion. Insert a Surround Plugin. See if this crashes you. Thanks!

Amadeus e.d.p.