whoosh, rise, the MIDI function that will never exist ?


for decades one thing that i don’t like is to set whoosh and rises using MIDI.
amazing libraires from 8dio or boom, the first one in kontakt, the second i also create some kontakt instruments so i can scan through sounds faster then mediabay.
but… it’s always harder to set a MIDI note to find it’s hit point. On the waveform in mediabay you can see this faster.
also when you playback you have to start at the begining of the MIDI note or you will miss the hit point.

imagine a system where the midi note “talks” to the VSTi and “knows” where the hit point is and displays a mark (following tempo) so you can drop where you need. or you could decide to "play from “hitpoint” and now when you play that midi note it triggers directly the hitpoint and not the rise to it so you just watch your screen(for movie sync) or follow your beat (music) and hit when you want the climax of the whoosh, then on stop, the midi note “prerolls” so the hit point you recorded comes where you want.

in some 8dio library (thinking about the Terminus) some long rise sounds are over almost 1min long… today i don’t use the much because they are long to set and adjust. first you have to wait 10sec to hear the sound you want restart for another sound in your library until you found what you need. Now you have to play it “randomly” and find the hitpoint, now move that note so hopefully it will match what you need, replay all :stuck_out_tongue: do adjustment… play again that’s a 10min process for one sound. it’s to much.