Why 16 Inserts now?

For some things is not enought 8 insert slot.
So, 16 is is very good.

PT way of having two different slots is good.
In Nuendo this would be like first 1-8 in first “slot”, 9-16 in second.

That would work for me too - 8 is more than enough for me, and as I initially said, if I ever needed more, Group tracks allow for an infinite number of Inserts to be added. In fact, given that Group tracks already existed, it seems to me rather unnecessary to have gone to the bother of increasing from 8 to 16 insert slots when there really was no limit anyway.

Don’t use the fixed insert view and it will only show as many as needed.

How in project window?

I don’t think it’s possible in the project window. I must admit I usually live in the mixer window and with a high resolution screen it’s no problem in the project window either.

For me sound design and sound editing overall is done in project window.
Mixing is different but still very much based tonproject window.

I think it makes a lot of sense to make it 16 inserts, especially because of the flexible pre/post fader divider. Gives a lot more flexibility, even if you never use the inserts. Also, just from a marketing standpoint, it wouldn’t make much sense to increase from 8 to 10 or 8 to 12 for example… that seems kind of lame. So why not go all the way to 16 since that’s a nice double of what was there before. “Double the inserts with flexible pre/post fader divider” sounds more impressive. And besides that, computer number schemes often follow the power of 2, so it’s so common for programmers to think in intervals of 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, etc…

+1 Keep the 16 inserts, but make them dynamic so more slots appear as you add more inserts. I only use a few and don’t like scrolling down in the mixer window.

Because people kept bashing on at Steinberg to do it. How did you miss that? where have you been? It was one of the most requested requests.

Well I searched the Nuendo forum and didn’t find any requests for ‘more inserts’.

I’ve been to lots of places. Have you been anywhere?



It has been a feature request, definitely.

Hi Timo,

So has more Cue Sends.


Clearly I’ve been too many places and somewhere I shouldn’t… I’ve just realised this is the Nuedo forum. I use the new posts tab and it shows us everything. My bad, it’s been a serious feature request for Cubase for a long time.

Cubase! - I’m afraid I don’t mix in those circles.:slightly_smiling_face:

Well… it answers your question. You got that because Cubase users asked for it.

Besides being a user feature request, PT has 15 inserts and I’m sure that the additional inserts in Nuendo will make it easier for some PT users to switch.

PT has 10 inserts.

Yeah you’re right, I had it confused with Logic. Either way, Cubendo offers more inserts than both of them now, and neither of them have post fader inserts. I think it’s a nice feature upgrade.