Why 7.5 and 7.5.1 is not called beta?

If it’s one instrument… it’s only one mute your dealing with… Again, if it’s multiple, then just link the tracks or qlink and unmute/mute/solo. Really not sure how this is THAT difficult to work around, and unless a specific example is given to the contrary, it can’t be addressed. It’s just complaining for the sake of complaining.

Very interesting. I thought it was a universal bug. I’m on a PC Win 7-64 Cubase 7.5.10
But more interesting is that with the new update it has been fixed according to Steinberg, yet for some people it works properly right now?

I have 4 monitors but only 2 of them dedicated to mixer (full screen)

1.In the project page create an instrument track.

  1. With the newly created instrument track I select solo (solo button in project page shows solo) and in both mix consoles, all tracks…including the selected instrument track in the mix console, shows muted.

  2. With the newly created instrument track I mute (mute button in project page shows muted) and in both mix consoles, nothing is muted or soloed.

  3. In the mix console, focus the newly created instrument track, hit solo, and all tracks in my project page are muted including the selected instrument track that should indicate solo.

  4. In the mix console, focus the newly created instrument track, hit mute and nothing is muted or soloed in the project page.

Yes, I have trashed preferences.

The issue is workflow. Less mouse clicks.

Workspaces have nothing to do with key command/focus issues…at least not when working with the mixers in full screen mode. If you can get a workspace to change mix console focus, when in full screen mode, please let me know. As far as I know, workspaces are most advantageous for those with limited screen real estate. I have 4 monitors therefore less need to change things around due to enough space. I’m simply trying to improve workflow and get back to the speed of 6.5 which of course…didn’t have the mix console. However there is no way I have found to change focus when in full mixer mode.

While this may not be show stopping, combine this issue with the mute/solo issue, plus a few other problems, and then I’m working slower than in 6.5.

I would argue workspaces are advantageous no matter how many monitors your using… Just to move what you want to concentrate on to a given monitor…Maybe I’m not understanding what your trying to do, but I have workspaces where the mixer is full screen on the center monitor… full screen on my right monitor… full screen on my left monitor… or spanned across all three (not full screen, just maximized within the shell). I just toggle through the workspaces with alt+1-6 as needed depending on what I want to focus on… If I want to focus on the mixer I use the workspace that has it full screen on my center monitor… If I want to focus on the project window, I have a workspace that puts that on my center monitor with the mixer in full screen mode on the right…If I want to focus on my VSTi rack I have a workspace that puts the project window on the left, the mixer on the right in full screen mode, and the VSTi rack on the center monitor… And finally, if I want to see as many channels as possible on my mixer I swap to the workspace that spans the mixer across all three monitors…I also have workspaces that involve the video window as well…Is this what your getting at? Or am I missing something?

That looks altogether too sensible to me Mr J. :mrgreen: You could be in for a lot of flak there.

No. That is not what I mean at all. But thank you for trying to understand!

Workspaces are not going to change focus. It isn’t about ‘what things go in which monitor’. It’s about what is currently selected.

Read 3 pages of posts here:

Here is part of post #1. Hopefullly maybe it’s more clear? I darkened the main part.

“Now in Cubase 7 (with many, many, many more things that can be changed on the mixer)… those key commands ONLY work if the mixer is “selected” and on top. So… if I am editing in the arrange window and it is selected, my key commands to change the mixer views don’t work!! I have to first click the mixer with my mouse to activate it, then the key command will work.

HUGE workflow loss for me.
:frowning: This also affects hardware controllers like the AVID controllers. The mixer key commands assigned to buttons on controllers don’t work UNLESS the mixer is selected!!”

Hope that helps!

So what your complaining about is simply having to click the mixer? And this is a HUGE workflow loss?? Sorry, I just don’t get it… While I guess it would be nice to ctrl-tab to it when it’s full screen, or be able to use the hotkeys regardless… it really doesn’t take any longer to just mouse to it and click it… what… a 10th of a second maybe? This would be referred to as a very minor inconvenience, and certainly doesn’t belong in a “cubase should be called beta” thread.

Yes, it’s all about setting focus without additional moving mouse around 4 monitors and additional mouse clicks. In 6.5 you did not have this issue. Some users, many professional, desire to work fast often with key commands/hardware controller and optimally only use the mouse when key commands/hardware controllers either don’t work, or it takes longer than a mouse click such as graphical editing. While you might not get it, other users including those in that post do understand the advantage. Mouse clicking and scrolling is cumulative, so if it takes you 1/10th of a second to move the mouse over 4 monitors, and more clicking then you should stay with your mouse.

When maximizing your key commands your speed will greatly increase without touching a mouse.

Again… I don’t disagree that the inclusion would be an advantage… but to say that it’s a HUGE loss in productivity I think is a bit of an exaggeration. And again, certainly not on the level of referring to the software as beta, which is what this whole thread is about. I too use the software on a professional level, but to equating a 10th of a second addition to your workflow, even compounded by 1000 or even 100,000, is still just an inconvenience. That’s 3 (2.7 actually) hours at 100,000… and I seriously doubt you would ever do this even 10,000 times during a project, so that’s an additional 30min or so on a project. But again… don’t argue that it would be great to have it… it just doesn’t warrant calling the product beta.

but to say that it’s a HUGE loss in productivity I think is a bit of an exaggeration.

And it’s these exaggerations that lead to developers looking at the “complaints” and saying “Ho, hum, another beta studio owner calling the ambulance out for a zit.” and then go to work on the real issues. Without that “HUGE” they’d probably fix it in ten seconds without thinking about it.

Other than the fact that they broke it moving from C6 to C7, said they would fix it and haven’t. Other than the fact that many of us invested $$$$ in controllers that don’t work correctly anymore. Other than many of us don’t use a mouse AT ALL. I didn’t even used to have one on my mixing desk until C7. Other than it kills 3 major functions that worked well at one time (keycommands, window sets, mixer configs). Other than if you work on multiple monitors with 300+ track projects, all the clicky clicky clicky isn’t just a minor annoyance or a loss of .001 seconds. It forces you to use the interface with a mouse, which is actually counterproductive AND for some us actually painful (literally … I have hand issues).

Other than that, I agree with you :unamused:

This would warrant calling the software beta?? Also, my question to you would be… if you don’t like what it has to offer, or if it’s truly causing you physical pain and taking a HUGE toll on your workflow, why bother with the upgrade? 6.5 still works just fine for you apparently, as it and all previous versions should considering the install was untouched by 7. So where are the wasted $$$$ on controllers exactly?? Sounds like sticking with 6.5 would make you much happier… Others, myself included seem to be just fine on 7.5… So back to the topic at hand, should it be called a beta stage product?? I think not… :unamused:

Not 7.5 or 7.5.01, but 7.0 to me was absolutely a beta version. No mix console KC’s, KC’s left out that were in 6.5, horrible sizing/zoom issues, etc.

Somewhere this topic morphed from “beta” to “show stopping.” IMO show stopping is a much more gray area depending on how you use Cubase and the level you use it at.

After 15 months don’t you think this mix console focus issue, the mute/solo issue, (which Steinberg says will be fixed in the next update even though some users are not experiencing it) and a host of other problems should have been addressed by now?

Instead, we have seen improved Loop Mash, revised Magneto, an unsizeable instrument rack that makes it more difficult to delete instruments, another reverb, and track versions. Addressing the things broken from 6.5 to 7 would have been a good start instead of the above. How about presets that actually remember the routing? Or when changing the configurations how about it remembers your zoom levels?

While the 7.5.2 fix list looks better than the prior fix list I’m setting my sights low. Hopefully I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Did anyone make a feature request for this?

@bjones306 - I sense a bit of arrogance here.

If not a Beta per se, it is definitively an “in the works” version transitioning between the prior and the next major version.

Here is something I have written earlier, put together from various posts and forums, regarding workflow issues with the new Mix Console and Control Room.
Please read (there are also some suggestion for the Forum/Steinberg at the end):

I work, for the most part with Audio, in multiple mics/full band tracking scenarios (of course some Midi and Vsti’s).
This is what I call “traditional” music production in a Tracking/Overdubbing/Editing/Mixing/Mastering kind of fashion.

In the above scenario, the new Control Room is a HUGE workflow killer, close to useless (clumsy, timeconsuming, and a click fest) compared to the old one in Cubase 6.

The new Control Room is a clickfest galore, especially in a “full band” tracking scenario. Difficult to see all that much info at a glance, without “tabbing” and clicking.
Small horizontal sliders vs the old vertical Faders, small horizontal meters vs the old vertical meters.

The old (C6.5) could also show all insert with one touch of a button (toggle between the larger meters and the inserts across all cue mixes in one go).

Please tell me you got some plans for this??? For my part, this has to be changed (back) in C8.
Or else I have to wipe dust of my old monitor mixer (God forbid) :unamused:

The new Mix Console, is for me a HUGE workflow killer, as it brings me out of my creative mood, thinking about things that interrupts my creative mixing experience. It makes me “think” (how?, where?, status/info? etc…) more than “act” on creative decisions.
To always have to remember to click in the mixer to get Key Commands working etc, is close to the Beta stage appearance IMO.

The hovering pop-ups (everywhere), and the “Focus Frame” that “follows” you around, is just annoying.
What mission does the White Outlined “Focus Frame” have? I know when I touch a fader or other parameter!!!
Why the pop-ups to tell me that an empty slot is…empty?

IMO the whole “Focus Frame/system” has never worked good in any version of Cubase 7/7.5 and Nuendo 6.

With normal to big sized projects, it still is faster to work in C6.5/Nuendo 5.5. Friends in different forums, that works in a simular fashion to me, have reported the same.
So, the big question:
Who do Steinberg listen to, and who are beta testing new/changed/fixed features for the C8/N7 cycle?

PS. For me to have discussions over the Control Room and Mix Console with electronic music makers, Loopmash addicts, midi composers etc… is meaningless, and a source of misunderstandings and reasons for forum fights.

Under follows a suggestion on how to devide the Forum into more sensible departements.
It should be easier for users to discuss suggestions and needs, and easier for Steinberg to pick up the needs, fixes, suggestions, and solutions needed for the different working styles.

Steinberg should devide their forum by “function”:

  1. Traditional Music Production (tracking, overdubbing, editing, mixing, mastering).
  2. Electronic Music Producion (Midi, beatmakers, loop based composers etc.)
  3. Song Writers and Composers
  4. “fill in suggestions”

To throw all different cubase users in one pot is not a way to agree on “anything” IMO, and Steinberg can lean back
without having to make any conclusions/decisions based on user feedback.

You and I (as well as the general software market as a whole) have a FAR different opinion of what a beta release is. Your list of bugs is actually quite short compared to what you would see in a beta… or for that matter the list of bugs you see in some full production releases by other software companies.

Not at all… I would argue that your post probably shows more in the arrogance department… The majority of your complaints cater to you and you’re personal situation and workflow… If SB saw a huge drop in sales on 7.5 vs 6 I am sure they would run right back to the old design. As I don’t have sales numbers on hand personally, I can’t say how that will go. Does your specific subsection of users constitute that much in sales? Couldn’t tell you… But for the time being this is the current design. No one is forcing you to use 7.5 if you are not comfortable with it. But again, to say it’s in a beta stage due to a few bugs (which I hope they fix as well), and it’s not catering to your specific situation and what you personally like in cases like the control room or mix console, is more than a bit of a stretch. And maybe a tad bit arrogant? :neutral_face:

Someone here though about beta progression program to next major upgrade, all looks like that.

I can see people offended by the post. Why? For most of professional old user like me Cubase 7 does not “work as expected” as Steinberg says himself, since version 7.0 to . and 7.5 and 7.5.10, looks like in 15 months beta progression test. Some other like cubase 7 because they are fans. Ok no problem, but the reality is there, Cubase 7.5.10 works better then all the other versions of course but it still not working like Cubase 6.5.5, I’m personally tired to wait and pay for beta progressions test, and probably I will buy Cubase 8 yes, but for starting use Cubase 7.5.40 (probably) will be the best cubase version again. From my side all looks like a payable beta testing period. Another strange thing is I waited 12 months for downloading a demo version of cubase 7.5, was never released 7.0 or 7.0.6 demo version why? I’ve asked a friend his licence key to test it and i’ve found big issues “IMHO”. Sorry to say that, I love cubase.

I tried to explain that we all have different needs, working styles and workflows.

For your info, I am still on Cubase 6.5.5 and Nuendo 5.5.6 in my studio. Works great :wink:

I have two test computers (win7 and win8) with Cubase 7.5 and Nuendo 6 installed in my home/edit suite. Don’t work so great (for me).

No arrogance here. That’s why I also have the suggestion for changing the Forum a bit, in accordance of function, workstyle, and different working and production methods. For better and more constructive discussions.
No arrogance there :slight_smile:

What working and/or music style are you working within? You may be at the other end of where I am, who knows? No one knows before you tell us :wink:

It just depends on what you use it for.

I use it for MIDI, and without new features such as Chord Recognition I’d maybe not have bought it so in all I am personally happy.