why am I getting 13/16 instead of 7/8?

No matter how much I have tried - including trying to work around notes in piano roll, alas - no go, I am getting 13/16 instead of 7/8 , + it changes values in a different measures when I work on another, I click on a measure it jumps to a different staff, I think it selects note when I am not aware. it moves portions of music in measures ahead that I am not working on as a result of me working on another. sometimes it moves only notes in bass clef… very peculiar. makes me think old fashion handwriting is the best… Sorry for my emotional response.
But if you have an idea, please tell.
Rites of Nature and Men 270220.zip (520 KB)

Click on the last note in the measure, Shift-B, “1x,” Enter.

In answer to the question “why”: because Dorico can only automatically redraw barlines as far as the next existent time signature.

If you’re seeing music in subsequent bars being pushed ahead, you’ve probably got Insert mode activated. Check in the Notes toolbox on the left of the window for the capital I-like character. If it’s highlighted, it’s active - either click it or press I to deactivate it.

As Leo rightly said, when you input a new time signature before an existing time signature, Dorico doesn’t automatically add extra beats in the last bar before the existing time signature - however, it does if you have Insert mode activated when you input the time signature.

(There’s a bit of information about how Insert mode works on this page if you scroll down a bit. You might also find this introduction to how Dorico thinks about rhythmic time and positions helpful.)

I want to thank very much to all you people - dedicated to support all wanderers in the world of Dorico.
Dan Kreider - it worked like a charm ( deleting the extra bar line concluded the trick ) :slight_smile: .
Lillie Haris - I am sure you are correct now that you have mentioned this - thanks very much for your insight.
Pianoleo - as explained all my endeavours to instill an eight not there did not succeed, dorico have determined a 1/16 on its own accord.
Thanking you all very much.

yet it is impossible to convince Dorico to add the missing 1/32 at the end of the bar. I have tried sift b 1x and variations on this here but the charm didn’t work here, I have counted values carefully several times to make sure a 1/32 is missing and it is.
Kindly find attached the project in the 1st post… ( wish it would be possible to attach along the way, other issues in this project are being discussed in another post).

A. You can attach the (zipped) project to any of your posts, from the Attachments tab that appears once you’ve clicked on the “Full Editor & Preview” page.
B. You haven’t attached the project to the first post in this thread. You’ve attached a picture.

Hmmm I have tried to attach it maybe I did something wrong, Please observe again when you can’ Thanks.

In the version of the project you’ve attached in your other thread bar 47 does correctly add up to 7/8.

It certainly does, as Daniel’s just said - the last chord is no longer a 16th; it’s now an 8th.
I note that your meter in that bar is theoretically “7/8,9” (meaning a 7/8 bar with a 9/8 pickup/anacrusis bar), but that’s presumably been added at a later stage than the time signature in the following bar, so this 7/8,9 hasn’t been able to take effect.

Sorry I have already received a solution for this question but there was another issue with an 8/8 bar showing 7/8 and 3/32ds…
In the 7/8 bar case the solution which came from dan - of introducing shift b 1x- helped, in the new question - it didn’t.
The bar in question now is bar 55, not 47. Maybe I’ve got confused with the posts… my apologies.
Thanks very much to you all.

All I’ve done here is turned on Voice Colours and held Alt/Opt in order to be able to see the rhythmic grid. I also had a listen with the metronome on, at a very slow tempo.

The two orange notes have their “Ends Voice” property turned on, which is hiding a pair of rests. The remainder of the bar is a 32nd out compared to where it looks like it is. Hopefully you can figure out how to fix it from here :wink: