Why am I getting staccato playback of piano LH?

Why am I getting a staccato playback of the piano LH when only the RH is notated with staccato markings?

This is with Dorico 4 on Mac using Note Performer for playback.

The durations look fine in the play mode, but the LH is playing back staccato and not the sustained dotted half notes. Shouldn’t the staccatos of the RH technique only effect the RH?

Try turning on IRV - I seem to remember NotePerformer can only deal with one articulation per channel, and unless IRV is turned on the whole piano is being routed to a single channel.

I am uncertain - do I need to turn on IVR for a piano when I use a VST instrument such as Addictive Keys Piano? With my piece there are four to six voices going on all the time, so this means six instances of the VST, yes?

Does the same apply to dynamics? if I apply voice specific dynamics in the score, are they only output correctly if you use IRV? I am doing some minimal test examples now, but I am quite uncertain about this.

No, typically you don’t need to use independent voice playback for piano or other percussive instruments, since normally these instruments use MIDI velocity for dynamics. NotePerformer is a special case, since Arne chose to use MIDI modulation (CC1), which is a per-channel rather than per-note modifier, and as such can’t have different values for different notes sounding at the same time. With practically all other piano instruments, I would expect you to be able to achieve the results you want using a single instance with no messing about.

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So after turning on IRV, the LH and RH can play independent staccatos, but not dynamics. Adding independent dynamics to the top and bottom staves will playback the whole piano using only the bottom dynamics. Suggestions?